Resilience After Crisis

Recover from lockdown

Have you felt like you’ve been plunged into an emotional crisis since lockdown? Our personal freedoms, that we often took for granted, became restricted. Although the situation is now stabilising, it is bound to have left its mark. Recognising the need to deal with the trauma of COVID-19, our experts have created a holistic programme for recovery: Resilience After Crisis.

Dr Melanie Robertson, health and clinical psychologist at the Park Igls health retreat explains:

‘Situations like the current pandemic have the power to turn our lives upside down overnight. Ordinary structures that normally provide security and stability are suddenly lost. Social distancing requirements, including the need for many to self-isolate, can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. As the situation settles, I would consider a return to “normal” without dealing properly with what has happened a missed opportunity.’

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Discovering new aspects of myself

‘Resilience After Crisis is a programme that gives you a better understanding of your own personal processes in the current crisis – and in any other global or personal crisis – to restore emotional balance,’ explains Robertson. The questions explored during this therapeutic programme include:

  • How do I make use of my experiences during this crisis?
  • What lessons am I learning for the future?
  • How can I see change as a challenge rather than a threat?
  • Where am I at this moment?
  • What resources have I lost and what are the new resources I have gained?

We find the answers to these questions using talk therapy. Together with your therapist you will arrive at individual solutions and strategies and by the end, you’ll emerge from the crisis feeling stronger and more resilient both physically and psychologically.

The programme

Our specialists focus on each individual’s situation and needs, developing personalised strategies that rely on therapies that support the development of resilience. ‘A carefully-considered combination of Mayr Basic, personal training sessions, craniosacral therapy or Shiatsu, full body massages and heat packs opens the mind, promotes relaxation and gives a real motivational boost,’ explains Dr Peter Gartner, the Medical Director at Park Igls. Talk therapy between the guest and therapist is extremely rewarding.

The effects of craniosacral and Shiatsu treatments

‘The balancing effect of craniosacral therapy on the central nervous system brings about clarity of mind. Combine this with talk therapy and Shiatsu, and you have a key to the self,’ says Dr Gartner. The information gathered during a craniosacral session allows the psychotherapist to fine-tune their treatment approach. ‘Every element of the programme is another step towards improved resilience,’ emphasises Dr Robertson.

Acupressure and connective tissue massage

‘Connective tissue massage and acupressure remove imbalances and congestion in the energy flow, increasing elasticity in the connective tissue matrix and establishing a sound basis for physical and mental resilience,’ Dr Gartner explains. In addition, hay flower and moor heat packs provide positive stimuli by soothing away tension.

The link between happiness and resilience

‘Once you understand that the happiness hormone serotonin is largely formed in the intestines, you can appreciate the importance of a Modern Mayr Medicine-based intestinal cleansing,’ adds Dr Gartner. Eating the right foods, being understood during talk therapy and exercising make serotonin levels rise which increases your motivation. ‘You experience a sum of happy feelings, and this builds resilience for future stressful situations.’ Long-term benefits include improved flexibility and the discovery of previously unknown facets of your identity in addition to giving you helpful coping strategies.

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Resilience After Crisis

  • Mayr Basic
  • 3 talk therapy/coaching sessions (50 mins each)
  • 2 personal training sessions (50 mins each)
  • 2 craniosacral therapy or Shiatsu sessions (50 mins each)
  • 3 full body massages – primarily acupressure and connective tissue massages (50 mins each)
  • 3 combination heat packs (hay flowers and moor)

1 week from €3,247 per person sharing a Standard double room

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