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Nutrition– pillar number two

The gut is the ultimate source of energy for growth, movement and life. Together with other organs in the body it supplies important nutrients and disposes of harmful toxins. This insight formed the basis for F.X. Mayr's key conclusion that a healthy intestine is essential for various aspects of human health. The only way to achieve this, he concluded, is through proper nutrition. The Modern Mayr Medicine nutrition concept thus aims to cleanse the gut, an area of the body often placed under great stress in modern society. This is done through close attention not only to what we eat but also how we eat.

Healthy eating

Mayr Cuisine

Here at Park Igls we have a kitchen team experienced in the nutritional principles of Modern Mayr Medicine. Using fresh, local produce they create a range of light, easy-to-digest but also delicious meals. Our chefs are the driving force behind the carefully curated cuisine guests can enjoy in the elegant surroundings of our restaurant.

Three key elements to success

Eating the right way

  • Digestion begins in the mouth. Long, conscious chewing facilitates the digestive process from the beginning and opens the door to a new & intense taste experience for many. It also makes it easier to recognise when you are full, preventing you from eating too much.
  • Monotony is good. Limiting your food intake to as little as one single Mayr item (such as yoghurt, milk, a soy drink) makes a major contribution to the success of your therapy and reduces strain on the gut and intestinal tract.
  • A plan really helps. The eight dietary stages core to Modern Mayr Medicine provide a simple and easy-to-understand nutritional framework for your stay at Park Igls.

Making the most of your stay

Recipes for success

Drink bitter water

Drink a glass of bitter water each morning before you eat or drink anything else. This helps remove toxins from the intestinal tract.

Take your time

Eating is important and should be given the time and respect it deserves. We recommend at least 30 minutes per meal to give you plenty of time to chew your food and savour the eating experience.

Chew slowly & consciously

Whether a food is liquid, mushy or solid, it must be swallowed in small quantities. Stop eating as soon as you feel full.

Drink plenty

Drinking plenty is very important. The rule of thumb is roughly 1 litre of fluid per 20 kilos of body weight per day.

Don't snack between meals

There should be at least four hours between each meal to allow your body to digest the food consumed.

Get plenty of rest & go to bed early

Plenty of sleep and periods of rest help your body to regenerate. We recommend a short rest before lunch. In the evening, an early night is beneficial for detoxifying the body.

Detox Classic

Time out for your health!

7, 14 oder 21 nights

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