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  • Detox Perfect for improving your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Weight loss Achieving and maintaining a healthy and sustainable body weight.
  • Prevention Ideal introduction to the principles of Modern Mayr Medicine.
  • Relax & de-stress For those short on energy, at risk of burnout or suffering from sleep disorders.
  • Fitness & exercise Strong, fit and flexible for a daily life free from pain.
  • Allergies & skin problems Relieves suffering and improves overall quality of life.

Medical Spa Resort near Innsbruck

Park Igls

Relaxed. Rejuvenated. Revitalised. Stays at the Park Igls Medical Spa Resort, perched on a high plateau above the city of Innsbruck, have a lasting, sustainable effect on guests' health. The fundamentals of Modern Mayr Medicine are combined with extensive expertise from a range of specialist doctors, discreet personal service and comprehensive infrastructure to create a made-to-measure experience tailored to each and every guest's specific needs.

The Park Igls philosophy

Book: Health is central
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Cookbook: F.X.Mayr for Gourmets

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As a long-standing winner of the Condé Nast Johansen Awards, we know that our satisfied guests are the most important part of a successful overall rating. If you value the Park Igls, then we look forward to your vote in one of the recommended categories and would like to say thank you!

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Programmes and specials at the Park Igls Medical Spa Resort

As individual as you

Here at Park Igls we have spent years perfecting our programmes in order to offer individual solutions to the mental and physical challenges posed by today's society. Modern Mayr Medicine offers the ideal basis for sustainable prevention and regeneration, combining holistic therapies and diagnostics with specific nutrition and exercise.

Detox Classic

Time out for your health!

Detox Intensive

Ideal for anyone aiming for optimal health benefits on as broad a basis as possible.


Focus on relieving back and joint pain so that you can live a healthy and pain-free life.

Neuro Fit

Modern Mayr Medicine, in combination with physiotherapy, will stimulate neuro-intestinal regeneration, which in turn will improve…


This programme promotes regeneration, allowing you to experience a new level of wellbeing.

Detox Medical Check

This medical check gives you the opportunity to complete a series of comprehensive and important preventative examinations using state-of-the-art…

Immune Booster

Due to the fact that two thirds of your immune system's defence cells are located in the intestines, Modern Mayr Medicine achieves…

Fit after COVID

To help you get back on your feet after corona, our medical specialists have developed a special diagnostic and therapeutic programme.…

Detox Short Break

Give stress and worry a break – Park Igls awaits with a special vitality programme to enjoy in a glorious Alpine landscape with fresh…

Menopause Fit

We will give you the tools you need to deal with this new situation and all that it brings.

Yoga Weeks

18.08. - 01.09.2024
A rewarding and inspiring path to more body awareness, energy and mindfulness.

The truth about the Mayr Cure

Debunking some common Mayr myths


No. Don't worry! Here at Park Igls we only use this approach for dietary stage 1, but many guests begin their stay at dietary stage 2 (including a protein supplement). The conscious initial reduction of foods for cleansing and detoxification creates the foundation. Building on this, we then establish a balanced and healthy diet. With your sense of taste refreshed and rejuvenated, the excellent Mayr Cuisine at Park Igls invites you to discover a whole world of fascinating tastes and sensations.


To ensure that your time-out with us does not remain a one-off experience, our medical staff will support you right from the start in developing a concept that is suitable for the stress, strain and time pressure of everyday life. We are convinced that a single stay or one-off solution is not enough for healthy, sustainable lifestyle. True healthy living only comes about we make the right decisions day by day, no matter how small they may be.


It is, as the saying goes, a question of taste. The dietary plans we follow at Park Igls have been carefully developed to combine regional, organic and fresh produce in creative meals drawing on the expertise of our outstanding team of chefs. We are sure you and your tastebuds won't find the food on offer here boring or bland.


Yes. This is backed up, on the one hand, by our team of qualified specialists and, on the other hand, by scientific studies and treatment successes over more than a century. Modern Mayr Medicine is recognised worldwide and has been practised and optimised at the Park Igls Medical Spa Resort for many years.


Yes. At the beginning of a stay at Park Igls, your personal supervising doctor will sit down with you and ask in detail about your personal wishes, needs and situation. Together you will create the ideal programme for your body and mind. A network of doctors from many specialties from Innsbruck and the surrounding area work together in our health centre for your well-being.


Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no. "Fast" is a word which doesn't exist in the F. X. Mayr Cure. Changing your life is always a process – one which has been practised and optimised here at Park Igls for decades. You will find some general recommendations and advice in our blog, but change that is effective in the long term is most successful when it is supported and guided by experienced experts.

Modern Mayr Cuisine


Think Park Igls is simply a fasting hotel in Austria? Time to think again! We invite you to take a look behind the scenes and discover how healthy eating and fasting do not have to be synonymous with bland, boring meals. On the contrary, Modern Mayr Cuisine is a conscious way of controlling food intake while at the same time enjoying the pleasure of eating.

Mayr Cuisine

Interviews with experts, delicious recipes, tips,  ideas and much more!

Enjoy the Park Igls experience at home

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Recipes, recommendations, ideas

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Highest quality for highest demands

In Short


Our guests are delighted by head chef Markus Sorg and his team with alkaline-oriented Modern Mayr cuisine at the highest culinary level.


We are delighted to be one of Condé Nast Johansen's most select medical spa resorts in 2024.


The Park Igls Medical Spa Resort was honoured with one of the most important awards for the hotel industry in Austria at the Palais Hansen Kempinski.

Long standing Traditional Tyrolian Company 2023

Our guests are delighted by head chef Markus Sorg and his team with alkaline-oriented Modern Mayr cuisine at the highest culinary level.
Condé Nast Traveller Wellness & Spa Awards 2023


We are winners of one of the world's most prestigious awards in the travel industry, the Condé Nast Traveller Spa Award.

The four pillars of Modern Mayr Medicine

A holistic view of health

Prizes, awards, excellent ratings and top reviews in international media

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Our publication "ParkZeit" presents current topics from our Resort in a compact and entertaining way. In addition to informative stories, you will also learn interesting facts about our spa and therapy programme. You can read the current issue online.

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