A day at Park Igls
Simply living

Food, exercise, regneration and education

What a day with us could look like

Start the day the healthy way

06:00 – Good morning

I want to make the most of the day, so I make an early start. Right after I get up, I drink my daily glass of bitter water on an empty stomach to help cleanse my body. I do this at least half an hour before breakfast.

Dive in & wake up

07:00 – Take the plunge

There is no better way to wake yourself up than with a bit of sport. Today it's Aqua Gymnastics. It's not easy at this time of day, but within our small group of guests we manage to motivate each other. Afterwards I feel fit, awake and ready for the day ahead.

No need to hurry

I plan enough time for the first meal of the day, because mindful eating is important. Every mouthful should be chewed at least 30 times – that takes some getting used to, but it really does work. I completely avoid snacks during the entire stay.

Medical check & abdominal treatment

Next up is an appointment with my Mayr doctor. Together we discuss the results of yesterday's blood tests and decide on the next steps. Another important element is the Mayr abdominal treatment.

The benefits of cold water

It's then straight off for a bit of Kneipp water therapy. I decide to walk a few laps in the warm water before switching immediately to the cold pool. The initial shock of the cold water soon gives way to a pleasant feeling of warmth as blood flows into my legs.

Time for a booster

Alkaline-rich broth is a must every morning. This vegetable soup is packed full of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. The broth is available from 10:00 until 13:00 at the tea bar.

In good hands

I actually end up falling asleep during my full-body massage! The masseurs here are excellent at their job and make a real effort to adapt each treatment to the individual guest's needs and wishes.

Mayr Cuisine

13:00 – Lunchtime

Now it's time for lunch. Bon appétit, or as we say here in Austria: Mahlzeit! During my time at Park Igls I've learned to eat all over again. That might sound a little strange coming from an adult, but mindful and focused eating, in silence and completely without distractions, was unthinkable before. Eating this way makes my light lunch more digestible and offers a whole new taste experience. How delicious healthy food can be!

Getting and staying motivated

17:00 – Group coaching

There were eight hours of activities on offer today. It's a shame I can't do all of them, really, but you have to pick the ones you are most interested in. I signed up for a workshop on "Getting and Staying Motivated".

Final meal of the day

18:00 – Dinner

After the workshop it's off to the restaurant for dinner - earlier and smaller than I am used to, but really tasty. Dinner is the smallest meal of the day so as not to place too much strain on the digestive system over night. Raw food is a no-go here. After a few days I notice that I am sleeping much better.

19:30 – Talk in the seminar room

I'm already ready for bed, but I decide to go to the evening talk. Just around the corner from the restaurant, the seminar room is full of guests keen to hear the latest insights on aging research and Modern Mayr Medicine. At the end of the talk I am pleased that I went.

Sleep like a baby

21:00 – Goodnight

I go up to my room. The rest of the hotel has become quiet. I swallow my alkaline capsules and have already picked up my glass of bitter water ready for tomorrow morning. While I apply a liver wrap, I think back over the day. A full night's sleep is really important to make the most of your stay. After a busy day, I am definitely feeling good.

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