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Relaxing correctly

Physical and mental health are characterised by a balance of tension and relaxation. Many people struggle to find this equilibriu…
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Fermenting – A Kitchen Trend that Never Goes out of Style

Fermented vegetables impress with their subtly acidic flavour. Fermentation is also a simple method to support intestinal health.
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Recipe tip: Healthy biscuits

Biscuits can be healthy. The chef at Park Igls reveals how.
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Nutrition & psyche: reboot your mental health using the Mayr Cure

You are what you eat. But is this age-old saying really true? Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director at Park Igls, talks to Dr Melani…
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Which fasting method suits me?

Mayr Cure, interval fasting, alkaline fasting. There are plenty of different fasting methods but which is the right one for me? D…
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Recognising stress – and reacting correctly

Burnout, stress, mental-health crises. Life can be tough at times. Really tough. When burnout, stress and mental crises turn our…
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