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Haven of rest and relaxation near Innsbruck

Spa facilities at Park Igls

Stepping into the spa area at Park Igls is like entering another world – a haven of cool pools, sizzling saunas and relaxing recliners. Enjoy a few gentle lengths in our beautiful heated indoor pool and enjoy the view of the lush park which surrounds our hotel before slipping into the sauna, steam room or infrared cabin for a little heat therapy followed by a nice long lie down on one of the many comfy beds and recliners throughout the spa.

Spa highlights

From cool pools to sizzling saunas

Movement & relaxation

Our indoor pool is the perfect place for a few slow lengths at your own pace or a water gymnastics session led by an experienced instructor. When the weather is good we open the large glass doors to let in the fresh air.

Hot & cold

Saunas are an excellent way to strengthen the immune system. A mix of hot air followed by a cooling shower or a few deep breaths of fresh air out in the garden has been shown to promote overall health and wellbeing.

  • Finnish sauna: Low humidity, temperature 85–90° C
  • Organic sauna: 60°C, ideal for people new to the sauna experience
  • Clothed sauna in the swimming area

Steam & warmth

While saunas are generally hot and dry, steam rooms have a lower temperature of around 60°C but humidity levels of 80–100%. The aim is to clear the airways while not placing too much strain on the body. Another place to experience the soothing effects of heat without the full sauna experience is our infrared cabin. The temperature is a pleasant 35–40°C and the infrared rays are able to penetrate deep into the tissue and muscle.

Rest & recovery

We have quiet areas throughout our spa area. There you will find a number of comfy recliners with excellent views – perfect to enjoy the landscape and maybe a little snooze. During the summer we throw open the large glass doors to let the air in, while in winter you can watch the snow outside fall as you cuddle up inside.

Kneipp water therapy

Stimulating & invigorating

Invented by a priest by the name of Sebastian Kneipp, this specific kind of water therapy is based on the idea of stimulating the flow of blood to specific areas of the body through exposure to cold water. Guests are invited to dip their hands, feet, arms and legs into a selection of cold-water pools in order to get the blood flowing to the body's extremities. We recommend at least one Kneipp water therapy session per day. Benefits include:

  • Improves overall circulation
  • Increases flow of blood to specific body parts
  • Prevents and mitigates inflammations

Award-winning Medical Spa Resort

A reputation for quality

We are happy and proud that the Park Igls Medical Spa Resort has received many prizes and awards over the years in recognition of our services and infrastructure. We strive to maintain these high standards and improve them year for your in order to offer our guests the best experience possible.

More about our prizes and awards

Our most important prizes & awards at a glance

  • Condé Nast Traveller Spa Award 2023
  • Condé Nast Traveller Readers Travel Award
  • Tatler Spa Trophy
  • Connoisseur Circle Top Medical Spa 2022
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