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Jobs & career opportunities at Park Igls near Innsbruck

Join the Park Igls team

Open all year round, our award-winning Medical Spa Resort offers career opportunitites and excellent working conditions in a wide range of areas. We are proud of our amazing team here at Park Igls. Many members of staff have been with us for years and have helped lay the foundations of today's success.

Benefits of working at Park Igls

A workplace like no other

Year-round employment

We are open all year round, which means we offer a secure and fulfilling working experience for 12 months of the year. Moreover, our position as a health hotel means we are less susceptible to short-term trends in the travel industry and major events like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stylish & international

Our guests at Park Igls Medical Spa come from all over the world. Many have been coming back for years. Our wonderful location combined with a comprehensive range of medical services and a team of experts in their respective fields makes for a welcoming atmosphere where both staff and guests feel at home.

Thinking long-term

Staff retention, continual growth and a willingness to think outside the box are key elements when it comes to building a successful team. We offer all new members of staff a warm welcome – not just for a season together but for a future together!

What else do we offer?

  • Annual ticket for public transport
  • Support with childcare costs
  • Meals during your working hours
  • Regular working hours
  • Workshops, seminars, further training
  • Discounts on certain services at Park Igls

Our philosophy

Supporting guests on their health journey

"Leading you to a healthier lifestyle" – that is the core principle that drives us here at Park Igls. With a mix of prevention and regeneration based on the teachings of Modern Mayr Medicine, as well as a balanced diet and a carefully curated exercise regime, we support our guests on their journey to a healthier life. Every member of staff at Park Igls plays an important role in ensuring guests get the most out of their stay with us.

Our staff

Personal & passionate

Here at Park Igls we all share a passion for learning and improving so as to offer our guests the best possible experience. New members of staff are offered a warm welcome. Our guests appreciate the discreet, personal service which characterises our Medical Spa Resort.

Working together for a better future
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Our approach

Strong principles for a successful future

The leadership team at Park Igls, comprising Andrea Gnägi, Werner Chizzali and Dr Peter Gartner, are firmly committed to developing and optimising the concept that has brought so much success to date. At its heart lie respect, long-term planning and the pleasure of supporting guests in achieving their health goals – an approach which will continue to drive us as we move forward together.

Career opportunities

General applications to the Park Igls Medical Spa Resort

Even if there is no vacancy at the moment which meets your qualifications and interests, we would still love to hear from you. Send us a general application and we will be happy to take a look and see if there is a position where you can apply your skills and knowledge.

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