Mayr Cuisine
Pure indulgence

Mayr Cuisine

Gourmet fasting

Drawing on the best organic produce from the region, clever recipes and a passion for light and healthy food, our kitchen team led by head chef Markus Sorg has made a name for itself well beyond Igls and Tyrol. Over the years we have developed our own version of gourmet fasting aimed at cleansing the intestinal system while at the same time providing all the vitamins and nutrients needed for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Quality food and drink

Culinary philosophy

  • Balanced recipes perfected over many years
  • Careful preparation to preserve important vitamins
  • Focus on alkaline-rich ingredients
  • Fresh organic produce sourced as locally as possible
  • Selected herbs and spices instead of lots of salt
  • Pure spring water, herbal teas, vegetable broths, mineral water

The eight dietary stages

The Mayr cookbook

Healthy home cooking

Our Mayr cookbook provides more than 60 detailed recipes as well as a sprinkling of useful information on a healthy lifestyle and valuable insights into how the human body works. A must for anyone serious about healthy eating but keen to enjoy the full richness and variety of tastes on offer.

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To eat well is to live well.

Head chef, Markus Sorg

Healthy eating for a healthy life!

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