Blood pressure monitoring

For a more reliable diagnosis

Blood pressure rises under stress: an interview, an exam …. a visit to the doctor. Like all cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure is among the most common causes of death. It is understandable, therefore, that GPs eagerly prescribe hypertension medication as soon as blood pressure readings are slightly elevated. In many cases, blood pressure can be reduced simply by replacing drugs with regular exercise, a revised diet and regular detox treatments – the core principles of Modern Mayr Medicine at the Mayr Clinic Parkhotel Igls in Austria.

Detecting or excluding white coat hypertension

Every time a person with white coat hypertension has their blood pressure measured at a surgery the reading turns out high, while measurements taken at home are always within the normal range. This phenomenon is caused by the fight-or-flight response – an entirely natural reaction to a perceived threat. However, the danger in this form of hypertension is not the short-term rise in blood pressure. Rather, it is the drugs that are pointlessly prescribed as well as their side effects, which include dry coughs, depression and erectile dysfunction, and are either concealed from the patient or deemed an acceptable and necessary evil.

Blood pressure monitoring

The best way to detect or exclude white coat hypertension is 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, now available at Parkhotel Igls. A small pressure cuff is secured around your upper arm and connected to a monitoring device that measures and records blood pressure at regular intervals. Heart attacks and strokes are especially common in the early hours of the morning, so the ability to measure blood pressure at night time is especially useful. Our new 24-hour blood pressure monitoring service allows us to check whether your hypertension is merely a harmless white coat syndrome, or a dangerous failure of your blood pressure to go down during the night, and will thereby significantly decrease your heart attack and stroke risk.

By establishing the levels and periods of blood pressure changes over a 24-hour period, it is then possible to apply a tailored regime that will significantly reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke.

€175 per person, available to outpatients and residents, excludes accommodation at Mayr Clinic Parkhotel Igls in Austria.