Healthy people exude beauty and radiance. However, health, beauty and vitality depend on the digestive system. The metabolism affects all our bodily processes, and every new cell that develops within it is made up of building blocks extracted from the food we eat. The gut provides the entire system with vital nutrients, so poorly functioning digestive organs can impair every aspect of our health.

Like the traditional FX Mayr cure, Modern Mayr Medicine is based on the recognition that inadequate gut function is the root cause of many physical and emotional disorders. Whereas conventional medicine tends to focus only on alleviating symptoms, the FX Mayr method seeks to detect problems early and to treat the underlying causes of disease.

FX Mayr’s healing principles:

As the body’s ‘central organ’ the gut provides the human body with everything it needs. When supplied with an excess of harmful or improperly composed nutrients, the body begins to accumulate hazardous toxins in its cells. This overacidification and accumulation of toxins is the cause of many diseases of modern civilization such as type two diabetes, gout, cellulite, rheumatic pain, gall and kidney stones, osteoarthritis, arteriosclerosis, organ failure and even cancer. Regular detoxing therefore creates good conditions for maintaining good health.
With Mayr therapy, Dr FX Mayr developed a comprehensive programme for restoring digestive health in which fat, protein, carbohydrates and toxic deposits are dissolved and excreted. At Park Igls, we have developed and complemented this approach.

Modern Mayr Medicine at Park Igls – new ParkZeit guest magazine out now!

As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, our bodies get ready for the cold season. Our focus shifts inward, and we experience an increased need for rest. Yet, what happens if sleep does not bring the repose we crave, or we simply cannot shake off the stresses of everyday life? The latest autumn-winter issue of ParkZeit introduces you to our new mobile sleep laboratory, offers stress-management tips and explains how the metabolism works.

You’ll also find out why 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week helps us live longer and how to spend winter preparing for a golf season free from back pain. Plus: gluten under the microscope! And speaking of nutrition – did you know that Modern Mayr cuisine is the ‘clean eating’ diet par excellence?

Mayr therapy new guest magazine Modern Mayr Medicine Park Igls Health Clinic Tyrol

The new ParkZeit’s topics at a glance

  • When tiredness strikes, head to bed… or to your GP’s!

    Mobile sleep laboratory diagnoses sleep disorders

  • Is wheat making you ill?

    Our expert Dr Richard Kogelnig reports

  • The metabolism – a healthy gut is key

    How to keep your metabolism healthy and active

  • Reduce your stress levels!

    Escape the overload trap with the help of stress management techniques

  • The thrill of the drill

    Strength, endurance, boot camps – what’s best for long-term fitness?

  • The clean eating diet trend

    Innovative insights or re-packaged old truths?

  • Beauty treatments and Mayr Medicine: an effective pairing

    Beauty and healthy skin need a healthy digestive system

  • Golf without pain

    Fit into spring with TheMedGolf® and Hanni Gartner

  • Overview of offers & therapeutic modules

    Interesting facts and figures, our current offers and tariffs

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