Liver Cleanse programme

Regenerate this vital organ

The liver is the largest and most complex gland in the body, producing vital chemicals, storing essential vitamins and filtering harmful toxins to keep the system in good working order. Our Parkhotel Igls medical team has developed a unique Liver Cleanse programme to help your liver regenerate.

Based on our findings and in conjunction with a Modern Mayr Medicine detox programme, the treatment consists of four sylmarin (purified milk thistle extracts) infusions administered alongside a course of oral liver detox capsules, which are continued for several weeks after the end of your stay, and two beeswax liver compresses. In addition to the Modern Mayr Cuisine diet plan, bitter (Epsom salts) herbal teas are taken with breakfast and green smoothies with lunch.

bitter glass

Unlike many popular ‘liver flushes’ that use grapefruit juice, olive oil and other ingredients, our therapeutic approach rests on reputable medical findings. We won’t pretend to have ‘flushed out’ your gallstones with the citrus and oil (the ‘stones’ are simply the saponification of oil and grapefruit), but will rely on the proven effect of powerful antioxidants such as glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid and acetylcysteine.

Liver Cleanse can be added to any other module or programme and is not affected by your personal diet level. As our fresh milk thistle infusions are made to order by our supplier, please book your Liver Cleanse programme in advance and by the start of your stay at the latest.

Mayr Clinic Parkhotel Igls in Austria: €1,297 per treatment combined with another Modern Mayr module and personal diet plan, excludes accommodation.