kybun® walking technique: Therapies at Park Igls health retreat - Park Igls


The new walking technique – exclusively at the Park Igls

The term ‘kybun®’ comes from Korea and means wellbeing. kybun® is based on the latest biomechanical research. It promotes the interaction of the brain, nerves and muscles, and is used in prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.

Standing and walking on a soft surface, i.e. on a kyBounder (mat) or in kyBoots, exercises the stabilising muscles around the joints and spine as well as training strength, endurance, coordination and balance. kybun® improves body awareness and sensomotoric functions thereby assisting in speeding up healing processes. The various aspects of kybun® technique are ideally suited to provide a complementary therapy following injury or surgery.


  • Strengthens the entire body’s stabilising muscles
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Boosts the leg vein pump
  • Helps to relieve back, knee and foot pain
  • Increases concentration and performance
  • Promotes strength and resilience