Now is the ideal time of year for strengthening our immune system and putting in preventative measures against spring’s pesky hay fever and other allergies. The body struggles to adapt to the thermal changes in autumn and winter – colonic cleansing with a Modern Mayr plan helps to reduce the body’s stress reactions, enabling you to get through the winter months and hit the hay fever season running!

In Austria alone around one million people are affected by allergies – and our modern lifestyle can be to blame. The increase in industrially prepared foods with artificial ingredients accosts our bodies with substances that they are not equipped for and can’t cope with. Children seldom come into contact with allergens as very few grow up on farms or are allowed to play in dirt, which would in fact be highly desirable!

Allergies are caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system and as 75% of the immune system is gut-related a healthy gut is essential to banish hay fever and allergies. By ‘improving or restoring gut health, then I’m also strengthening and regenerating the body’s whole immune system: allergies flare up less frequently or, at the very least, are much less severe’, explains Dr Barth.

Allergic reactions to spring flowers, pollen, ragweed

Overall health boost

The Modern Mayr Medical check is the Rolls Royce approach to medical checks! Gain complete peace of mind about the state of your overall health with a very comprehensive range of tests and sophisticated diagnostics – all under one roof and with our highly specialised medical team.


26 December 2016 to 16 December 2017

  • The Basic Programme
  • Expanded blood testing including hormone status
  • 1 urinalysis
  • 1 bioimpedance measurement (lean tissue, water and body fat)
  • Ultrasound of abdominal organs and vessels
  • Ultrasound of brain-supply vessels (carotid)
  • Ultrasound of thyroid gland
  • Ultrasound of prostate and testes/breasts
  • Resting and exercise ECGs
  • Echocardiography
  • 1 spirometry (lung function)
  • 1 oxidative stress measurement
  • 1 physiotherapeutic muscle function test (50 mins)
  • 1 physiotherapy session (25 mins)
  • 1 personal training session (50 mins)
  • 1 personal training session (25 mins)
  • 6 full body massages (50 mins each)

€3,676 for 1 week, price excludes accommodation.