The term ‘metabolism’ encompasses all processes in the human body that provide, consume and transport energy. Digestion converts carbohydrates, proteins and fats into a form that the body can absorb. The liver stores substances and is the key to detoxification. Inadequate gut function can place a huge strain on the liver and on the entire metabolism.
The easiest way to get your metabolism working is with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. As well as thinking about what you eat, you need to look at how you eat. ‘We should always try to eat nutrient-dense, lower-calorie foods that are particularly rich in nutrients. As well as vegetables, recommended foods include pulses, nuts, cereals, fruit and low-fat meat and fish. Some foods, such as hot spices like chilli and ginger, actually help to speed up metabolic processes’, explains Dr Irene Brunhuber, GP and Mayr Physician at the Park Igls Mayr clinic.

Metabolism Mayr Clinic Park Igls in Igls Innsbruck Tyrol Austria

Metabolism – a healthy gut with Modern Mayr Medicine

In our part of the world, metabolic disorders are caused by overeating, unhealthy diets andlack of exercise. By optimising metabolic processes, Modern Mayr Medicine helps to combat these disorders. Diabetes and gout are two of the most common diseases; improving your lifestyle and metabolism can help to alleviate the symptoms. We also need to remember that our metabolism changes as we grow older: ‘This begins at 40! Unless we take action, muscle mass will drop year by year and our body fat will increase. Healthy weight maintenance becomes even more difficult, especially if we don’t exercise or eat the wrong things. As we get older, it doesn’t hurt to carry a few extra pounds; they make it easier for us to survive serious diseases. However, obesity is a significant risk to health – whatever your age – and adversely affects not only the metabolism, but also the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems’, Dr Brunhuber explains.

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A healthy lifestyle with Modern Mayr Medicine doesn’t mean denying yourself the things you enjoy. The occasional indulgence – such as a sweet treat – is fine. Just remember to go for quality over quantity! A healthy gut with well-functioning metabolism should cope just fine – and regular MayrPrevent® Medicine treatments will ensure it does.

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