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Detox in motion

Your fitness & health break

Exercise is the ultimate diet booster, and essential for good health. The aim is not to win marathons, but to bolster the immune system. 20 minutes of exercise a day is all it takes to improve our physical and psychological resources while achieving equilibrium of both body and mind.

Exercise is proven to protect your body from:

  • Diabetes
  • Excess weight
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Osteoarthritis

Exercise also contributes to the success of your therapeutic stay at the Park Igls Mayr clinic – and in these glorious Alpine surroundings, motivation is never hard to find.

Our experienced exercise instructors, therapists and doctors work with you to compile a personalised exercise programme based on the five pillars of fitness: cardiovascular, strength, sensorimotor coordination, flexibility and relaxation.

Train your strength and endurance in our modern, airy gym with high-tech, medically-approved exercise equipment – as well as stunning views of the Tyrolean Alps! The equipment’s computer system assists our coaches in designing personalised exercise programmes for our guests.

Our instructors are available for advice at any time. Book a personal trainer session to help you find and perfect your ideal workout. A wide range of regular relaxation and fitness sessions including Yoga and kybun® are held in the fitness studio.

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