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Medical massage


Special metal rods are applied to the body’s energy pathways – meridians – to allow the smooth flow of energies. This technique is like acupuncture without the needles.

Connective tissue massage

Connective tissue massage involves applying manual mechanical stimulation to the skin, subcutis and fascia to create vegetative harmonisation. This relaxes the muscles and improves circulation to the organs. Connective tissue massage is recommended for digestive disorders and as a supplementary treatment for cellulite. Segment massage is a more intense version of connective tissue massage.


The Dorn method is a form of treatment for the vertebrae and joints that gently repositions the vertebrae to their ideal position. This restores energy flow and clears blockages. The treatment is especially effective for pelvic misalignment, back pain and reduced spinal or joint mobility.


The body’s self-healing powers are activated by stimulating areas of the feet that correspond to specific organs and parts of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. These reflex zones are massaged to improve blood flow in the organs and the body as a whole.

Swedish massage

Kneading, tapping and sliding improves tissue condition, stimulates blood flow and releases tension. Swedish massage improves general wellbeing and stimulates the metabolism.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage has several effects. By applying light pressure in a circular motion, fluid is transported from the tissue to the lymphatic vessels. This is good for the skin and subcutaneous areas and, unlike Swedish massage, does not result in increased blood flow. It is an effective therapy for a range of complaints including oedemas and lymphedema.

Dr Marnitz deep tissue massage

Marnitz Therapy, also known as Key Zone Massage, is a holistic treatment developed by Dr Harry Marnitz. It is particularly effective in reducing pain and increasing mobility in cases of chronic and acute joint and spine disorders, as a therapy for reduced mobility, and as a treatment before and after surgery. By loosening obstructions in the joints and spine via the autonomic nervous system it also improves internal organ function.

Salt massage

This is a very special and detoxifying massage that makes use of precious oils and salt to gently exfoliate the uppermost layer of skin while at the same time energising the metabolism. Blood circulation and lymphatic flow are stimulated, leaving the skin soft and smooth.


Shiatsu is a systematic form of holistic massage with its origins in the healing methods of the Far East. Energetic blockages are released and energy flow is enhanced by applying pressure to the meridians, joints, muscles and tendons.

Structural integration

Structural integration is a scientifically substantiated manual therapy that works to expand constricted and blocked connective tissue by means of pressure, movement and training. This deep-tissue massage improves body structure and posture, and also reduces chronic pain and misalignments.

Detox massage

Detox massage uses extremely deep rubs and strokes along the muscles all over the body to improve skin and tissue circulation. No oil, powder or cream is used to ensure that the pores, which open during the treatment, remain clear, thereby enabling the body to ‘breathe’ again.

Intense back massage

This treatment is based on traditional massage techniques, and may incorporate other methods, depending on the symptoms that are present. The powerful massage works specifically on the back muscles, and focuses on structure and potential blockages in vertebral bodies, taking energy flow into account.

Thai massage

Traditional therapeutic Thai massage, or Nuad, has a long history. The flow of energy in the body is improved with a combination of passive Yoga and acupressure through gentle stretches and rhythmic pressure. The treatment can last either 50 or 80 minutes.