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Exercise therapy | Park Igls Mayr Health Retreat and Medical SpaExercise therapy | Park Igls Mayr Health Retreat and Medical Spa

Exercise is medicine

Movement for therapy and prevention

Outdoor fitness

Sports scientist Maximilian Stangl from the Park Igls Health Center explains why outdoor sports are not only trendy, but also particularly beneficial from a sports therapy perspective.

Moving mountains

Even moderate exercise has an extremely positive effect on the body's physical and psychological defenses. Dr Kogelnig, deputy medical director, explains what other health benefits outdoor exercise has.

Back pain relief

What can you do to relieve back pain? What are the causes? Holistic diagnosis and therapy at the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Tyrol, pioneer of Modern Mayr Medicine.

Improve your health and fitness!

You’ve probably heard of boot camps; perhaps you’ve even participated in one. Higher, faster, further is the name of the game with the fitness trend that grew out of harsh US military-style exercise regimes. It is an extreme approach to exercise that tests – and even goes beyond – physical and mental limits. In [...]

Medical Yoga meets F.X. Mayr

The holistic approach of Medical Yoga combines Yoga perfectly with Modern Mayr Medicine. Mindfulness and body awareness are key aspects of Yoga, however on a physical level, Medical Yoga fosters stability, energy, flexibility, relaxation, focus, inner balance and restfulness. Medical Yoga at the Park Igls Mayr clinic not only mobilises the musculoskeletal [...]

Trampoline training with bellicon®

Trampoline training with bellicon® has recently been added to the activity and exercise programme at the Park Igls Mayr clinic. It fits really well with Modern Mayr Medicine’s principle of gentle exercise, and makes people smile – and that is the best medicine after all! Today’s trampolines dispense with metal springs and instead are made [...]

Feldenkrais® – living with ease

‘Learning through movement’ Enhance your flexibility and enjoy a fresh feeling of lightness with the Feldenkrais® method! Small changes in movement patterns can lead to more substantial changes in the nervous system, resulting in pain relief and greater overall mobility. Moshé Feldenkrais, the founder of this gentle form of exercise, showed how breaking old [...]

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