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Menopausal symptoms

Menopause Fit: New for women at Park Igls

In the course of her life, a woman changes almost by nature – physically, but also emotionally. Though there are many phases, the one that supposedly marks the end of womanhood is particularly important…

A woman’s life is tied to menstruation and over the decades having a period has a significant influence on life planning. Initially, the focus is on contraception. Later, in many cases, the desire to have children is a central issue as well. Then, out of nowhere and without anyone asking, a chapter ends. This time of change is a great challenge for many women and includes both physical and psychological aspects. This time of change is a great challenge for many women and includes both physical and psychological aspects. During this phase, it is necessary to learn to accept, and to position oneself as a woman as a new phase of life begins. Menopause is often quite similar. This phase provides the opportunity to both rediscover and resolidify one’s position in life.

“I highly recommend Menopause Fit, a programme we are proud to have developed at Park Igls. First, women are able to check their health status following expert medical examinations. Second, the women also gain a new sense of self-awareness and self-confidence thanks to the programme. Menopause Fit also has a stress-reducing effect and is very beneficial for both body and mind.”

Dr Irene Brunhuber
Specialist for internal medicine, Mayr physician

Menopause is often accompanied by complex range of symptoms

Studies suggest that 70 to 80% of women in Europe suffer from symptoms during menopause. Not all of these ailments require treatment, of course, but about one-third of women actually need medical help. Typical symptoms include hot flushes, sweating, fatigue and a general drop in overall fitness in addition to nervousness, irritability and sleep loss. There is no general rule for how long these symptoms last. There are women who suffer from symptoms for up to ten years, whilst others hardly notice the change.

Menopause: Help for women

“Menopause-Fit” helps to guide women through this time of hormonal change, giving them the tools to understand, accept and deal with changing circumstances. Dr Irene Brunhuber, a specialist in internal medicine and F.X. Mayr physician, developed the programme together with her colleagues, Initiating Therapist Christine Canestrini, Herbalist Alexandra Federa, Physiotherapist Lisa French, Psychologist Dr Melanie Robertson and Mayr Physician Dr Sonja Schottkowsky.

Image: Dr Irene Brunhuber