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Stress relief
with Mayr De-Stress

Reduce stress levels – permanently

‘More haste less speed’ – this insightful saying is at the heart of the Mayr De-Stress treatment module at Park Igls. How can we reduce stress more effectively? How can we exercise our skills and abilities with greater efficiency and less energy expenditure?

Burn-out, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression are all too common stress-related conditions. The World Health Organization considers stress to be one of the 21st century’s major health risks. It further believes that by 2020 every other sick call will be due to stress. We need effective stress management strategies for counterbalancing the overabundance of everyday ‘stuff’ in our working and personal lives if we wish to live well and be well. This is precisely the issue we addressed in developing the Mayr De-Stress treatment module.


De-stress plus Mayr: for Dr Peter R Gartner, Park Igls’ Medical Director, this is an ideal combination. Why? ‘During a Mayr therapy the body releases endorphins, dopamine and increased levels of serotonin. This messenger substance’s jobs includes making us feel calmer and more relaxed. Craniosacral therapy and other treatments designed to reduce stress and release tension have longer-lasting effects as well as being more intense when combined with Mayr therapy. Hence the Mayr De-Stress module!’


The week-long stress management and burn-out prevention programme features two craniosacral therapy sessions as well as two mental coaching sessions. This combination is particularly favourable, especially as it is supplemented with four heat packs (hay flowers and moor) and four partial body massages focusing on acupressure and connective tissue massage. As well as benefitting from a personalised Modern Mayr cuisine diet plan, participants on the programme also experience exercise classes for relaxation, an integrated health check, an interim physician’s examination and a concluding examination.

Strength in serenity

Mayr De-Stress

Dialogue, deep relaxation, autogenic training, mental coaching, fitness exercises and relaxation classes accompany you on the journey to greater self-realisation and better understanding of your own personality.

from €2,923 per person for 1 week


Park Igls Mayr clinic, Tyrol

Park Igls Mayr clinic is one of Europe’s leading medi-spas. At the ‘house in the park’, guests are offered bespoke exercise, nutrition and regeneration programmes as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic services – all of which are based on Modern Mayr Medicine’s ground-breaking concepts. In addition to its own medical department and a contemporary destination spa, guests at Park Igls enjoy spacious relaxation rooms, fitness studios and a well-equipped gym. Modern Mayr cuisine is integral to the Mayr clinic’s pioneering services.

Six (not four) fundamental principles

Unique in the world: unlike other destinations, preventive medicine at Park Igls Mayr clinic is based on six not four principles. In addition to the common principles of cleansing, supplementing, self-discovery and exercise, the guests at Park Igls also benefit from ‘learning how to chew and eat’ and ‘resting the digestive tract’. This is one of the many reasons why Park Igls Mayr clinic was awarded the Condé Nast Traveller Most Effective Medi-Spa award.