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The benefits of Yoga

  • Improves body awareness and posture
  • Promotes efficient, easy breathing
  • Strengthens the immune and nervous systems
  • Stimulates internal organ function
  • Relaxation
  • Enhances strength and mobility
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

The building blocks of your Yoga week at Park Igls

Yoga – relaxation through movement

Medical Yoga at the Park Igls Mayr clinic not only mobilises the musculoskeletal system, but has a positive effect on every aspect of the body. Different postures and breathing techniques stimulate the circulation, gently massage the internal organs to activate digestion and help still the mind.

Calming inhalations and exhalations combine with meditation exercises for relaxation and inner harmony.

Our Medical Yoga classes at Park Igls are designed to be suitable for everyone: all ages and levels of Yoga experience, as well as individuals with back or joint problems or other physical constraints.

Massages and wraps

From the Penzel Technique acupuncture massage to detox massages and deep tissue massages according to the Dr Marnitz technique, we offer a wide range of medical massages. During your stay with us you will receive five massages targeting specific areas of the body according to your personal needs as well as a beeswax detox wrap.

Kneipp hydrotherapy

– a great way to strengthen your immune system

Modern Mayr Therapy at the Park Igls health retreat taps into the many benefits of the hydrotherapy made popular by priest Sebastian Kneipp. These supplementary treatments are based on the principles of stimulation therapy and – at their simplest – consist of familiar water treatments: water treading, arm and contrast arm baths or full baths. Kneipp treatments improve circulation, stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation. Follow a Kneipp treatment with a hot abdominal wrap or a liver compress. We recommend that you enjoy a Kneipp hydrotherapy session once a day. During your stay with us you will receive five massages targeting specific areas of the body according to your needs as well as a beeswax detox wrap.

Modern Mayr cuisine

Fasting does not have to mean going without food or starving. Enjoy fasting with Modern Mayr cuisine, served in the stylish, relaxed surroundings of the Park Igls restaurant. Fasting sharpens the senses – get a taste for it!

During the initial examination with your Mayr physician, you discuss which dietary stage will be most suitable for you. The doctor pays particular attention to your personal constitution, and makes sure any potential food intolerances or allergies are taken into account.

Individual medical coaching

Each stay with us at Park Igls begins with a comprehensive health check. The results of this are then used by your experienced Mayr physician to draw up a made-to-measure prevention and treatment plan tailored to your needs. Throughout your stay you will receive regular medical check-ups. Treatments include manual abdominal treatments to detoxify the body. Within a short period of time you will already notice the positive impact of our treatments on your digestion, blood pressure and weight as well as an improvement in your body‘s natural healing powers.

Personal haven of peace and quiet

Our stylish rooms and suites with lots of natural light and wonderful views of the mountains are a home from home where you can withdraw from the world during the Yoga Week at Park Igls. The perfect place for rest, relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

»The yoga week at Park Igls did me so much good. I feel relieved and refreshed in many ways. Thanks especially to the competent and very friendly team.«

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