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FX Mayr programmes of the highest medical standard

Good health starts in the gut

»The gut is man’s root system.«

Prevention, nutrition and health – the Park Igls health retreat is a leading pioneer of Modern Mayr Medicine. Early diagnosis based on conventional medicine together with targeted regeneration of the digestive system and lifestyle improvements can prevent illness. The aim here is to achieve and maintain a healthy body, mind and soul.

Healthy people radiate beauty, vivacity and complete wellbeing. Nevertheless, most of us don’t think about being proactive to improve our health until physical or psychological signs tell us that all is not well! The result is that we tend to deal only with the signs or symptoms instead of attacking the root of the problem, which is often to be found in our gut.

Many lifestyle diseases, from skin problems and sleep disorders to arthritis, are proven to result from impaired gut function and/or intestinal flora. Common intestinal disorders include sluggish bowels, frequent diarrhoea, bloating, heartburn, ructus, flatulence, gastric and duodenal irritation, general digestive weakness, colonic and rectal inflammation, haemorrhoids, intestinal fungal infection (candida), fructose and lactose intolerances. Complications and symptoms range from bloating and allergies to depression. Intestinal cleansing and stabilising, and mindful gut management can eliminate and actively prevent these disorders and illnesses.

Classic Mayr

Early in the 20th Century, the Austrian doctor and scientist Franz Xaver Mayr developed a theory that would fundamentally influence the course of preventive medicine. He based his approach on the fact that most common lifestyle diseases originate in the digestive system. Dr FX Mayr significantly shaped the treatment methods and perceptions of the 20th century. By drawing on his broad knowledge, which focuses on the relationship between disorder patterns and the gut as the body’s ‘central organ’, we aim to improve your wellbeing.

Dr FX Mayr is considered a pioneer of natural, preventive medicine. He introduced dietetics and therapeutic fasting to Western medicine and developed a holistic medical health maintenance concept: the FX Mayr method of diagnostics and therapy. This is a comprehensive programme for restoring digestive health in which fat, protein, carbohydrates and toxic deposits are dissolved and excreted.

Modern Mayr

Modern Mayr Medicine was pioneered at the Park Igls health retreat. The holistic approach developed here is based on the findings of Dr FX Mayr, and forms the heart of our diagnostic and therapeutic approach. The focus is on investigating the cause of disease – mostly in the area of the gastrointestinal tract – and not primarily on curing symptoms. A team of medical specialists is on hand to provide a range of diagnostic options. Thanks to our close collaboration with Innsbruck University Hospital and our wide range of specialist consultants, we can avail ourselves of the most up-to-date examination methods to counter silent conditions and chronic diseases from an early stage.

The six principles of Modern Mayr Medicine

Preventive medicine at the Park Igls Mayr Clinic is based on six principles: alongside Cleansing, Rest, Education and Substitution, Modern Mayr Medicine adds the pillars of Exercise and Self-discovery to achieve sustainable results and allow guests to enjoy a new and much improved quality of life. One of the most important foundations of this medicine is a delicious, high-energy diet based on the latest scientific findings, alongside a well-designed exercise programme.


The digestive system and tissues are cleansed by drinking plenty of liquids and a daily dose of bitter water.


The digestive tract is rested by means of a therapeutic fast or personalised diet plan, while you rediscover the central importance of chewing to the digestive process.


Your digestive system becomes fit for its purpose as you learn how to chew and eat properly, and by adjusting your dietary habits to suit your particular nutritional needs for long-term recovery and regeneration.


If required, important alkalis, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the body may lack during a course of therapy can be added.


Daily indoor and outdoor exercise programmes under the instruction of dedicated professionals boost overall fitness and vitality. Regular exercise improves health and prevents diabetes, obesity, hypertension, depression and arthritis – it also contributes to the success of your therapeutic stay.


Fasting can be an impetus for emotional and physical healing. Your therapy can also lead to self-discovery within the scope of consultations with our physicians or with the help of specialist psychologists.