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People with high-pressure lifestyles need to take regular breaks to maintain performance and vitality. Modern Mayr Therapy cleanses body and mind while allowing you the space and time to slow down. The results are improved concentration and mental fitness, and the ability to meet life’s challenges with renewed vigour and strength. The conditions for preventive and therapeutic success at Park Igls are available throughout the year.

The state of our health reflects many factors and circumstances. Physical wellbeing requires a sense of security and belonging as well as emotional equilibrium that can be thrown out of kilter during periods of stress. Regular ‘time out’ under medical supervision with a thorough cleansing of the system is essential to counter silent conditions and chronic diseases from an early stage. Park Igls has an excellent track record and international reputation for unparalleled expertise and qualifications in this specialised field. A light, Modern Mayr cuisine diet for foodie fasting, a personalised exercise plan, and the pioneering combination of conventional and alternative medicines based on Modern Mayr Medicine ensure that our guests can experience considerable success with their chosen treatment plan, lasting well beyond their ‘time out’ with us.

Mayr programmes at Park Igls –
medically supervised health breaks

Health retreats and healing holidays at the Park Igls Mayr clinic are based on the classic FX Mayr ‘cure’ combined with modern conventional medicine, complementary therapies and exercise. We offer Feldenkrais®, kybun®, Yoga, dietary supplements, self-development, and much, much more.

Good health equals quality of life. We look forward to helping you achieve this – in every stage of life and with long lasting results.


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