A pampering treatment programme for the gut

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Follow the advice below for greater well-being: rest the gut, avoid overload, and observe it carefully. Less is definitely more when it comes to intestinal health.

1. Eat in moderation

Eat in moderation: Back in the 1960s, scientists discovered that the lifespan of mice with an excessive supply of food was half that of mice who slightly lacked food.

2. Regular breaks

The gut loves regular breaks of at least four to five hours, and it abhors snacks. Between meals, you should provide the body with plenty of fluids, but avoid drinking while you eat.

3. Raw food

Raw food is a particular challenge for the gut, especially if we don’t properly predigest, i.e. chew, our food. In addition to fermentation, which produces gas and alcohol, not chewing properly can lead to a higher intensity of putrefaction in the intestines.

Darm Verdauung

4. Wisdom

The gut is a traditionalist. It agrees with the old saying that we should ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.’ 

5. Dinner cancelling

Treat your gut to an occasional wellness treatment by skipping dinner once or twice a week. This is also known as dinner cancelling.

6. With all senses

Enjoy meals with all of your senses, taking plenty of time, in a quiet environment without distractions. This ensures that, when it arrives in the gut, your food is well chewed and predigested.

7. Honest foods

Banish industrial, denatured products from your kitchen – including probiotic yoghurts. The gut loves ‘honest foods’, and prefers unsweetened, full-fat, organic products.

Bewegung stärkt das Immunsystem

8. Tolerance

Know your food allergies and intolerances, and eat accordingly.

9. Avoid antibiotics

The gut really does not like antibiotics: when they are unavoidable, protect your intestinal flora by eating live natural yoghurt during and after your treatment. A single course of antibiotics can upset the gut flora for up to a year!

10. Mayr programme

Treat yourself and your gut to one or two Mayr programmes a year to cleanse the digestive system.


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