From filtering toxins to producing bile, the liver is one of the body’s superpower organs. It’s our own purification plant, and without its amazing capacity to regenerate itself, barely anyone would even reach the age of 20. The liver carries out a wide variety of jobs to keep our bodies running smoothly: producing vital substances like proteins, cholesterol and fatty acids; storing blood, vitamins and sugar; and filtering toxins from the blood. But it is its role in detoxification which make it so important in Modern Mayr Medicine at the Park Igls Mayr clinic.

park igls mayr clinic innsbruck tyrol austria Cleansing the liver to detoxify the body

Without a functioning liver, Modern Mayr Medicine’s detox treatments would be unthinkable. The liver produces three-quarters of a litre of bile each day to digest fats and detoxify the body. Which is why making sure the liver is functioning correctly is so important. The Park Igls’ liver cleanse is specially targeted to support the liver’s incredible self-regenerating powers. This unique programme uses a combination of herbal extracts, teas and liver compresses.

Treatment includes four intravenous silymarin drips (using pure milk thistle extract) which take place on two consecutive days, highly effective liver detox capsules taken at the same time and then for two months after the programme is finished, two liver compresses with beeswax, daily bitter herbal teas and a green smoothie per day before lunch. Unlike other common ‘liver flush therapies’ which use grapefruit juice and olive oil, this liver cleanse is based on reputable medical findings, using ingredients that have been shown to keep your liver in the best working order.

park igls mayr clinic innsbruck tyrol austria Cleansing the liver to detoxify the body

The liver cleanse can be added on to any other chosen module, whatever your individual diet level, but as our fresh milk thistle infusions take two to three days to arrive from our supplier, please book your liver cleanse programme at the start of the week.