Aesthetic medicine is much more than liposuction, Botox and surgical lifting, and no one knows this better than Dr Fabian Petschke, plastic surgeon and consultant at Park Igls. Medical Director Dr Peter Gartner has found in him a brilliant partner who focuses on external beauty while Mayr treatments deal with our guests’ internal beauty and health.

‘True beauty really does come from within,’ for Dr Peter Gartner this is more than just a saying: ‘Mayr treatments help to activate the body’s power of self-regeneration, which leads to increased happiness and wellbeing. Beauty radiates from within. Dr Petschke’s methods of aesthetic medicine fit with Mayr’s medical ethos and complement the treatments offered in Igls.’ Dr Petschke’s treatments do not require surgery and contribute to our aim of stimulating and invigorating the body. His methods include PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, hyaluronic acid facial treatments and fat reduction by cryolipolysis.

Ästhetische Medizin Dr. Petschke Dr. Gartner Park Igls Gesundheitszentrum Tirol Oesterreich

What is PRP therapy?

This is a method that rejuvenates skin from the inside by triggering wound healing processes. Plasma is extracted from the patient’s own blood which is then injected into parts of the face with very fine needles – with local anaesthetic if preferred. Plasma platelets secrete messenger substances that contribute to the formation of collagen, thereby strengthening tissue. This improves the complexion, endowing skin with greater radiance. PRP is also an effective treatment for acne scars. Since PRP uses a patient’s own blood, side effects and allergic reactions are ruled out. It is important to note, however, that this method of aesthetic medicine should only be carried out by qualified medical specialists.

How do hyaluronic acid treatments work?

Hyaluronic acid restores volume and reduces wrinkles. It is a natural substance that is produced by our own skin cells. Dr Petschke’s face contouring work goes beyond wrinkle injections. For a natural, long-lasting result, he does not – for instance – inject directly under facial lines. The effects of treatment with hyaluronic acid are immediate and last for up to a year. Again, we emphasise that this kind of treatment should only be performed by specialists!

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Aesthetic medicine and nutrition

‘Most forms of fasting focus on weight loss, but the Mayr approach teaches people how to eat’, says Dr Gartner. And Dr Petschke shares his view: ‘I firmly believe that we have to look at beauty from “the inside out” as well as offering aesthetic treatments.’ This includes the use of dietary supplements as well as analysing a patient’s diet and intestinal bacteria. Weight loss is not the primary purpose of Mayr treatments, although it is a welcome side effect. Generally, the weight lost is a result of fluid loss which also cleanses intracellular fluid – with positive health effects. Some fat deposits, however, no diet can shift. Medical cryolipolysis, also known as fat freezing, is a highly efficient method for reducing this kind of, often genetic, accumulation of fat. The affected areas are cooled to minus eight degrees Celsius to kill fat cells that are then excreted via the lymph in order to achieve measurable effects.

About Dr Petschke:

Originally from Germany, Dr Fabian Petschke came to Innsbruck as a student. While training to become a GP, he never lost sight of his professional objective: plastic surgery. Dr Petschke has been a consultant at Innsbruck University Hospital’s department for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery since 2008, specialising in reconstructive surgery following burns or complex wounds. He has been running his own practice in Innsbruck since 2009 and is a consultant at Park Igls where he works closely with the medical team.

Ästhetische Medizin Dr. Petschke Park Igls Gesundheitszentrum Tirol Oesterreich

The Basic Programme

The Basic Programme is a fixed component of your stay. As a rule, the Basic Programme is combined with a therapeutic module although it can also be combined with individual services instead of a complete module.

Medical services

  • Initial examination – integrated health check (30 mins)
  • 1 medical examination – manual abdominal treatment (20 mins)
  • Concluding examination (30 mins)

Basic services

  • Daily Kneipp treatments (leg, arm or seated contrast baths)
  • Personal Modern Mayr cuisine diet plan
  • Mineral water, herbal tea and base broth
  • Group exercise sessions, active and passive anti-stress exercises (relaxation),
  • lifestyle management and mental coaching
  • Lectures & presentations
  • Use of swimming pool, sauna and panoramic gym
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