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Fit after COVID:
overcoming the corona crisis

Getting rid of post-COVID syndrome

The corona pandemic maintains its firm grip on the world. As we follow the daily figures charting the sick and recovered, we may overlook just how long recuperating from a corona infection can sometimes take. Many people suffer symptoms for longer – ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 – or develop the even longer-lasting post-COVID-19 syndrome, both of which are also known as Long COVID. The medical team at the Park Igls health retreat have developed a special therapeutic module to counteract this: Fit after COVID.


‘Symptoms such as a productive cough or impaired senses of smell and taste can persist for a long time – we have recently seen an increasing number of cases that remain symptomatic for over 12 weeks. This is referred to as post-COVID-19-syndrome,’ explains Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director at Park Igls. ‘Symptoms include fatigue, headaches and a dry cough. It is familiar from past viral infections: After the Spanish flu, for instance, over a million people suffered from a sleeping sickness that could go on for years.’ Early identification with special diagnostic tools, targeted treatment tailored to the symptoms, and a general boost of the immune system can be achieved with Modern Mayr Medicine.

Pre-existing conditions
and higher risk

‘The more severe the COVID symptoms, the longer the recovery and the more likely it is that the disease will develop into a Long COVID or post-COVID-19 syndrome,’ says Dr Gartner. Indeed, a recent study by King’s College London suggests that there are several risk factors that can lead to longer recovery from coronavirus:

  • Excess weight
  • Asthma
  • Highly symptomatic pre-existing condition

How COVID affects the body

‘A major COVID symptom is coagulation disorder causing thromboses. Since blood clots can develop anywhere in the body, the areas that can be affected are just as varied,’ explains Dr Gartner. This results in a wide range of consequences affecting different parts of the body, such as:

  • Lungs (cough, chest pain)
  • Nervous system/brain (sense of smell, psychological changes)
  • Digestive tract (abdominal pain)
  • Heart muscles (weakness, tiredness)
  • Many more

Fit after COVID with Modern Mayr Medicine

The Fit after COVID treatment programme includes special diagnostic and therapeutic modules that are designed to thoroughly stabilise the body and treat all the symptoms and long-term effects.

Diagnosis: the foundation of personalised therapy
  • 1 performance diagnostics session (50 mins)
  • 1 physiotherapy session to assess muscle function (50 mins)
  • 1 spirometry to measure lung function
  • Expanded laboratory blood tests including cardiac muscle blood test to check for cardiac muscle damage
Stabilise the body and boost the immune system

Mayr therapy has a positive effect on the body’s overall performance and strengthens the immune system, making it better prepared for the next generation of viruses.

Special therapies are specifically tailored to deal with the consequences.

Restoring a sense of smell and taste

A Modern Mayr therapy sharpens the senses of smell and taste.
In addition, nasal reflex treatments can be helpful to deal with persistent olfactory disorders.

Exercise and infusions for renewed strength, energy and resilience

Physiotherapy and personal training sessions, based on an individual performance test, counter tiredness and weakness and strengthen the whole body.
Fortifying infusions bolster resilience and energy and boost the immune system.
Physical exercise replenishes energy resources.

Encouraging blood flow and detoxification

A liver compress with beeswax supports liver function, accelerates detoxification and promotes skin regeneration.

Full-body massages and daily Kneipp treatments encourage blood flow, spur the metabolism into action, improve tissue condition and relieve tension.

Support for the mind

Active and passive anti-stress exercises promote relaxation and accelerate recovery.

Lifestyle management and group mind coaching sessions help you deal with problems with mood or concentration caused by the corona crisis.

Weak, weary and worn out no more: get Fit after COVID