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Lacking firm ground under your feet feels strange, but kybun® uses this unfamiliar sensation to help reduce stress and back problems, relieve pain, realign the body, enhance concentration and burn off calories. At Park Igls Mayr clinic, this revolutionary exercise concept helps guests to explore new avenues – one step at a time.

100 years ago, people walked 10 miles a day on average. Today this has shrunk to less than half a mile. The consequences are commonplace: back problems, obesity, cardiovascular complaints… To counter these lifestyle disorders, the inventor of MBT shoes Karl Müller developed kybun® – ‘kybun’ is a Korean word that roughly translates as ‘good feeling’. The exercises make use of soft, springy mats and ‘unstable’ kybun® shoes that force the body to be in constant movement. As a result, deep tissues are activated and strengthened – as are concentration and balance.

When is kybun® helpful?

kybun® makes life easier and can help prevent muscular deficiencies and joint problems. The kybun® shoes used alongside conventional therapies are helpful in treating a wide range of medical complaints:

Heel spurs, forefoot pain, burning feet, bunions, misalignment of the foot, pins and needles/numb/tingling toes, calluses/pressure sores/blisters, metatarsalgia, arthritis of the ankle/artificial ankle, Achilles heel problems, sweaty feet/foot odour/cold feet, talibes valgus/unstable ankles, venous disorders, leg length inequality/pelvic obliquity, calf pain, Sudeck’s atrophy/CRPS, Baker’s cyst, periostitis, torn ligaments/muscles, restless legs syndrome, arthritis of the knee/gonarthritis, artificial knees, knee pain/damaged meniscus/cruciate ruptures, knee misalignment/knock knees and bow legs, arthritis of the hip/coxarthritis, artificial hip, hip pain, shoulder and neck problems, back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, rib cage obstruction, herniated disc/slipped disc, lumbar spinal stenosis, headaches, scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis, sciatica

kybun® training at Park Igls

kyBoot shoes

Try out a pair of kyBoot shoes with ‘walk on air’ soles at Park Igls – also available for purchase at the hotel shop


The soft and elastic kyTrainer running deck absorbs the impact of running and walking – gentle on your joints


kyBounder mats are soft, elastic, and train balance and posture

One-to-one kybun® lesson


Park Igls Mayr clinic, Tyrol

Park Igls Mayr clinic is one of Europe’s leading medi-spas. At the ‘house in the park’, guests are offered bespoke exercise, nutrition and regeneration programmes as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic services – all of which are based on Modern Mayr Medicine’s ground-breaking concepts. In addition to its own medical department and a contemporary destination spa, guests at Park Igls enjoy spacious relaxation rooms, fitness studios and a well-equipped gym. Modern Mayr cuisine is integral to the Mayr clinic’s pioneering services.

Six (not four) fundamental principles

Unique in the world: unlike other destinations, preventive medicine at Park Igls Mayr clinic is based on six not four principles. In addition to the common principles of cleansing, supplementing, self-discovery and exercise, the guests at Park Igls also benefit from ‘learning how to chew and eat’ and ‘resting the digestive tract’. This is one of the many reasons why Park Igls Mayr clinic was awarded the Condé Nast Traveller Most Effective Medi-Spa award.