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The best tips against colds

Dr. med. Peter R. Gartner
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Fight the common cold

For many of us, the start of the cold season is accompanied by a cold. The Parkhotel Igls offers a number of treatments as part of Modern Mayr Medicine to prevent or alleviate symptoms, some of which can also be used at home without any problems.

Causes of colds and flu

What causes a cold?

A cold, also known as a flu-like infection, is a viral infection of the respiratory tract. The term "common cold" is somewhat misleading. While a cold is often only triggered by a draught or cold, a flu-like infection is usually caused by infection from person to person, whereby even touching an object infected with viruses is sufficient. If the immune system can no longer cope with the pathogens, the typical symptoms such as a cold, cough, sore throat and headache occur. The illness is also often accompanied by an increased body temperature, shivering and a feeling of weakness. However, a cold should not be confused with a "real" flu, which has a much more severe course, puts the patient out of action for several weeks and can even be life-threatening.

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Tips against colds at a glance

Good advice at low cost

Bloodroot gargle

The bloodroot contained in the SonnenMoor gargle has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the immune system when used regularly. The gargle helps with hoarseness and is also often used as a preventative measure against bad indoor air. It is available in pharmacies and drugstores, also without alcohol for children.

Arm Kneipp

Arm Kneipp is used as a preventative measure, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and has a particularly positive effect on the chest and head area. However, it should be avoided if you already have a flu-like infection or a fever. Arm Kneipp baths are alternating baths in which the arms are first immersed in warm water up to above the elbow and then alternately in cold water.

Rule of thumb:

  • 5 minutes of warm water (36 to 38°C),
  • 10 seconds cold water (15°C)
  • 3 x warm, 3 x cold alternately
  • Always start with the warm water and finish with the cold water


Inhaling relieves coughs, clears a stuffy nose and moisturises the irritated mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. We recommend pouring steaming hot water over 2 teaspoons of dried elderflowers in a pot or bowl. The hot vapour is inhaled and a towel over the head prevents the vapour from escaping quickly into the environment. A steam inhaler, a device with an anatomically shaped mouth-nose attachment, is more comfortable and does not irritate the eyes. A nebuliser is needed to loosen stuck, viscous mucus from the bronchial tubes, as the smaller droplets it produces can reach the lower respiratory tract (lungs).

Black radish

The black radish has always been used as a home remedy for coughs: Cut the top off the radish and hollow it out. Using a kitchen skewer or knitting needle, drill a hole through the belly of the radish and place it on a glass. Then fill the radish with rock sugar and close it with the lid. After a few hours or overnight, a cough-relieving syrup will drip into the jar. The radish can be refilled with rock sugar 2 - 3 times, after which it loses its effectiveness and should be replaced with a new one.

Cold balm

Rubbing in a common cold balm based on camphor, menthol etc. immediately improves breathing and relieves agonising irritation in the throat and pharynx. The body heat releases effective vapours from the essential oils. It is generally recognised that the balm should be gently massaged into the chest, throat and back. However, the soles of the feet should not be forgotten, as this allows the essential oils to penetrate the body particularly well and optimise the effect.

Roeder treatment

The Roeder treatment is a simpler and less profound form of nasal reflex therapy. It is a natural and painless method of treating chronic and acute illnesses. It involves soaking (high-quality) cotton buds with special essential oils, placing them under the turbinates and removing them again after a few breaths. The Roeder treatment has an effect on the body's regulatory processes and can be used in many different ways, not just in the respiratory tract, such as for frontal and sinus inflammation, chronic rhinitis, bronchitis or asthma. The treatment is also effective for migraines, visual impairment, diseases of the inner and outer ear and the digestive organs. Please only use the Roeder treatment at home very carefully under expert guidance.

Curd cheese neck wrap

A curd cheese throat compress helps with acute sore throats. To do this, place the curd cheese between two layers of cloth or a standard kitchen roll, carefully press the whole thing flat and place it on the neck. It is important that the front and sides of the neck are covered. Wrap a towel or woollen scarf over it and leave the wrap on for 20 minutes.

Our top tip...

Drink at least 2 to 3 litres a day, preferably tea - it warms the body from the inside out and supports your immune system. Various herbs with their natural effects can also promote recovery - read more about this in the blog post Tea preparation done right

You want to learn more?

Further information and interesting facts about Modern Mayr Medicine and its positive effects on your health can be found on the Park Igls Medical Spa Resort website.

About the author

Dr. med. Peter R. Gartner

After studying medicine in Innsbruck and training as a general practitioner, Dr Gartner specialised in holistic medicine, nutritional medicine, acupuncture and hypnotherapy and has been practising diagnostics and therapy according to Dr F. X. Mayr with great success ever since. He is also a sought-after speaker at specialist conferences and has been sharing his knowledge on the Park Igls blog for many years.