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Physical therapies

Roeder therapy

Roeder therapy is a simple and less intense form of nasal reflex therapy, and is effective in the treatment of the following complaints: susceptibility to infection, chronic sinusitis, chronic catarrh, bronchitis, asthma and anosmia.


The inhalation of a fine, enriched spray frees the airways, eases inflammation and dissolves mucus. This treatment is applied to ease respiratory illnesses such as sinusitis, colds and bronchitis.

Metabolic detox bath

More than 144 ergonomically arranged nozzles add microfine air to warm bath water, resulting in a ‘Champagne effect’. As the microbubbles penetrate the skin, blood vessels expand, and blood pressure is sustainably lowered. The nozzles are electronically controlled to provide the body with an underwater massage in five zones for soothing muscle relaxation.

Schiele circulation bath

The Schiele circulation bath is a foot bath that gradually becomes warmer, increasing the water temperature from 35 to 45°C. This causes blood to be diverted from the central to the peripheral area, thereby improving blood flow to the skin and organs. Schiele circulation baths improve the vascular system and support intestinal regeneration during a course of Modern Mayr Therapy. The Schiele foot bath has also been shown to be effective in easing colds and coughs by increasing blood flow in the nose and throat.

Continuous shower massage

In the last 20 years, continuous showers for hydrotherapeutic application have proven to be highly successful. During your treatment (25 mins), you lie first on your back and then on your front while you are showered by several moving jets of water. The water temperature is programmed at between 36 and 38°C with brief, cooler intervals. This has a detoxifying effect, and increases blood flow to the skin and organs. Continuous shower massages support the treatment of muscle tension, back pain, rheumatic disorders, intervertebral disc degeneration, migraines and skin diseases.