Outdoor pursuits in the Tyrolean Alps, Austria - Park Igls

Outdoor pursuits
in the Tyrolean Alps

Alpine pursuits for all

Igls is renowned as a place of healing. Surrounded by the splendid mountains of the Tyrolean Alps, it is a perfect spot to relax, enjoy the natural world all around, and recharge those run-down batteries. Enjoy a stroll in our beautiful park with its mature trees, and you will find magnificent surroundings ideal for outdoor pursuits with stunning views.

Tip: know your limits!

Before taking to the slopes you should have a chat with your physician. As a rule, guests on a Modern Mayr Therapy need to rest, and should only participate in the gentlest exercise. Our reception team will be happy to answer any questions about lift passes, ski hire, courses, transport etc.

Winter walks and snowshoe tours on the Igls plateau

In the Tyrolean mountains, ice and snow create the most charming winter landscapes. Gorgeous, crisp winter days are perfect for restorative outdoor pursuits in the fresh, clean air that stimulates both circulation and metabolism. Get fit and have fun with one of our many, sociable outdoor activities such as curling and torchlight hikes.

Many inviting winter walks in the area surrounding Park Igls are either gritted or cleared of snow. We have also joined forces with the local ski school to offer regular off-road snowshoeing walks on the Igls plateau. Make use of our complimentary Nordic walking pole rental.

Walking high above Innsbruck or in the Karwendel mountains

The Austrian Moderate Altitude Study (AMAS) found scientific evidence that hiking at altitudes of up to 2,500m is associated with positive health effects. Walking offers the perfect combination of outdoor pursuit and exercise at an optimal training heart rate. Walking exercises most of the body’s muscles, improves metabolism, keeps weight down, and does wonders for your mood. We offer guided walks and bike tours. If you prefer, you can also explore our beautiful surroundings without a guide.

Enjoy hiking, power walking and simply being outdoors in Tyrol

Igls has been designated a Tyrolean running centre of excellence thanks to its more than 70km of marked running routes. These vary in distance and levels of difficulty but all lead through stunning countryside. Ambitious mountain bikers will discover the most beautiful spots on their travels, and afterwards enjoy a well-deserved swim in Lake Lans. Last, but by no means least, we mustn’t forget the many nearby golf, tennis and horse riding opportunities.