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What is Feldenkrais®

Feldenkrais® is not about rules, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It is definitely not a workout either. Instead, the method encourages us to explore and experiment with small changes in our movement patterns. This results in changes to the nervous system that lessen pain and generate greater ease and flexibility. First and foremost, Feldenkrais® is a learning method. Dr Moshé Feldenkrais (1904-1984) studied the way in which movement, perception, thought and feeling are connected. Recognising the close interaction between them, he developed a method based on the human nervous system’s natural learning ability. Its capacity for building new connections in the brain is fundamental to achieving any real change. During this programme, we focus on improving movement and personal learning processes.

The benefits of Feldenkrais®

  • Improved flexibility and quality of life
  • Improved athletic performance without additional effort
  • Improved options for artistic expression – especially helpful for
    dancers and musicians
  • Improvement of psychomotor complaints (e.g. back pain, neck tension, tinnitus)
  • Reduction of tension and stress
  • Ideal for people with neurological conditions

The building blocks of your Feldenkrais® week in Park Igls

Feldenkrais® group classes – Mindfulness through movement

Group sessions with experienced coaches to talk you through the movement patterns step by step.

Personal Training Feldenkrais® – functional integration

One-to-one Feldenkrais® lessons are custom-tailored to your individual needs. Passive, guided movement provides direct and faster access to new movement patterns.

Personal Mental Coaching

Coaching offers information and decision-making support, and assists in identifying and containing problems. Coaching offers professional support for psychological, social and physical disorders. The objective is to achieve (or return to) a better quality of life.

Sleep coaching
Stress management
Burn-out prevention

Massages and wraps

From the Penzel Technique acupuncture massage to detox massages and deep tissue massages according to the Dr Marnitz technique, we offer a wide range of medical massages. During your stay with us you will receive five massages targeting specific areas of the body according to your personal needs as well as a beeswax detox wrap.

»Our body's actions are more supple, movements that have become limited due to injury are possible once more. Our whole horizon is broadened.«

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