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Vitamin D
Dr. med. Peter R. Gartner
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Diseases and vitamin D deficiency

Studies show that there is a close connection between a lack of vitamin D and a wide range of diseases. Nevertheless, the importance of this vitamin, often referred to as a hormone, is frequently underestimated. Vitamin D3 is particularly effective in the context of Modern Mayr Medicine.

Did you know that...

… by the end of winter, 60% of the European population who live north of Rome suffers from vitamin D deficiency? Combining a detox with vitamin D supplements during a Mayr therapy turbo-charges regeneration.

Interesting Facts about Vitamin D

Winter and summer...

... we spend too much time indoors and far too little outdoors. Most of us suffer from a lack of oxygen, outdoor exercise, and exposure to the sun. However, the latter is essential for our bodies to produce vitamin D: 80% of our daily vitamin D requirement is generated by direct sunlight on our skin, with the rest coming from food. A lack of vitamin D can drastically impair the body’s defences, resulting in weakness and greater susceptibility to infection.

Vitamin D has a massive effect...

... on public health, and has become indispensable to prevention. When a vitamin D deficiency combines with calcium deficiency, osteoporosis can often be the result. Vitamin D also has a positive effect on lifestyle diseases such as immunodeficiency or cardiovascular diseases. Its relatively quick effect is particularly surprising: after just a few weeks, or even in a matter of days, fatigue and weakness diminish, and mobility increases.

Vitamin D is renowned for its healing power ...

... and is important for a well-functioning immune system. A healthy immune system detects abnormal cells and eliminates them, thereby reducing the risk of cancer. In general, a healthy level of vitamin D helps prevent disease. For example: If the gastrointestinal tract is in order, vitamins and trace elements can be well absorbed. However, when this uptake is disturbed by fermentation and putrefaction, inflammatory processes occur. These promote the appearance of deficiency states and have a negative impact on the immune system.

This is Modern Mayr Medicine’s task...

... to restore health by means of detoxification. Detoxification initiates a process of cleansing; the intestinal mucosa becomes more efficient and again forms a natural barrier against toxins. This cleaning process is encouraged with gentle exercise, after which vitamin D is much better absorbed. In turn this has positive effects on calcium and phosphate levels, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and boost motor system function.

Vitamin D is a major messenger substance

Too little of it can cause a lack of nerve cell or muscle receptor stimulation which can lead to insidious creeping processes that eventually manifest abruptly as disease. Some studies have even shown that vitamin D replacement therapy has a positive effect on male sexual disorders because of a correlation between low testosterone and vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is therefore also important for men‘s health.

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About the author

Dr. med. Peter R. Gartner

After studying medicine in Innsbruck and training as a general practitioner, Dr Gartner specialised in holistic medicine, nutritional medicine, acupuncture and hypnotherapy and has been practising diagnostics and therapy according to Dr F. X. Mayr with great success ever since. He is also a sought-after speaker at specialist conferences and has been sharing his knowledge on the Park Igls blog for many years.