Wraps: Medi Spa treatments at Park Igls in Austria - Park Igls


Liver compress with beeswax

Natural beeswax is rich in myricin and cerotic acid. Applied in a hot compress or a classic medical wrap, it stimulates long-term blood flow to the liver. This increases the excretion of toxins that circulate in the blood thereby supporting the detoxification process – especially when combined with a Mayr programme.

Digestive herb wrap

This hot abdominal wrap contains four premium oils derived from herbs and spices (caraway, aniseed, chamomile and fennel) to relax the abdominal region and increase intestinal gas release. An excellent remedy for bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Terra-Vit full body wrap

Accumulated toxins can lead to metabolic disorders. The Terra-Vit full body wrap helps to eliminate these metabolic products. Green medicinal clay, aloe vera, jojoba oil and soybean oil, as well as a special wrapping technique activate the lymphatic system and promote the excretion of metabolic waste. The connective tissue is cleansed and tightened – and many people find that their waist size has gone down after just one application. We recommend three applications to achieve optimum results.

Body wrap

This anti-cellulite treatment specifically targets areas of the female body that are prone to poor blood flow. Highly effective ingredients including white clay, pure salt mud and algae are blended before being applied to the abdomen, legs and buttocks, and then wrapped in a special plastic sheet thus ensuring the efficient elimination of metabolic waste products as well as a reduction of body circumference.

Tip: The treatment is particularly effective when combined with plenty of physical exercise.

Vein wrap

This treatment is suitable for people with vein problems or spider veins, but may also be applied as a preventative measure. Bandages are soaked in a cooling herbal mixture, and then used to wrap the legs from the ankles all the way up to the thighs.

Curd cheese wrap

In Austria, curd cheese wraps have been part of the home remedy repertoire for centuries. Lactic acid bacteria contained in the curd cheese open the pores and allow the heat of inflammation to be absorbed by the curd cheese. This treatment swiftly reduces swelling and pain.

Lavender chest compress

This traditional treatment using pure lavender oil speedily soothes bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – it is a perfect complement to inhalation therapy. Hot lavender oil packs are also an effective remedy for sleep disorders, nervousness and anxiety.

Eucalyptus lower abdomen compress

Lemon eucalyptus is wonderfully fragrant and, in a warmed compress, makes a superb remedy for urinary tract problems including irritable bladder and cystitis. Eucalyptus oil also relieves cold symptoms such as dry coughs.