Mayr Medicine in Austria: The Mayr medical team at Park Igls in Tyrol - Park Igls

The Mayr medical team at Park Igls in Tyrol

You will find an approved medical outpatient clinic at Park Igls. Our experienced medical team members, who are qualified FX Mayr diagnosticians and therapists, look after our guests during their stay.

All procedures are tailored to individual circumstances, and attention and advice from our Mayr doctors ensures optimal medical care. Cooperation with eminent specialists at Innsbruck University Hospital ensures that the Medi Spa Park Igls merits its reputation for diagnostic excellence. Many international awards have cemented the reputation of the Mayr medical team at Park Igls in Tyrol.


‘FX Mayr Diagnostic Method and Therapy’ is an accredited qualification with a diploma issued by the Austrian Medical Association.

Park Igls is a certified MayrPrevent® establishment, and a member of the International Society of Mayr Physicians.

Dr Peter R Gartner

Medical Director

After completing his medical studies in Innsbruck and training as a general practitioner, Dr Gartner specialised in holistic medicine, nutritional medicine, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. He is a highly successful practitioner of the FX Mayr diagnostic method and therapy.

Dr Gartner is a member of the Vienna International Academy for Holistic Medicine and of the Austrian Society for Certified Acupuncture (OGKA). Until 2011, he was the director of a renowned health resort in Vorarlberg which also specialises in Mayr Medicine. Sought after as a speaker both in Austria and abroad, he continuously inspires others to take a closer interest in FX Mayr’s teachings on health and diagnostics.

Dr Richard Kogelnig

Deputy Medical Director

Dr Kogelnig is a Mayr Physician and general practitioner who has also trained in neural therapy, manual medicine and acupuncture. His additional specialisms are preventative, regenerative and behavioural medicine. As a psychologist, he draws mainly on cognitive and meaning-centred psychotherapy combined with progressive muscle relaxation and vocal meditation. He has been active in the sphere of preventative and regenerative medicine for over 25 years.

Dr Peter B Barth

Mayr Physician

Dr Barth is a general practitioner and qualified FX Mayr diagnostician and therapist as well as being an emergency physician. Additional specialisms include cardiovascular medicine (especially exercise ECG), neural therapy and psychosomatic medicine. Dr Barth gained many years of experience as a Mayr Physician in a prestigious Mayr centre.

Dr Irene Brunhuber

GP and Mayr Physician

Dr Brunhuber joined the Park Igls medical team in April 2015. After studying medicine in Innsbruck and Freiburg (Germany), she completed her GP training at Innsbruck University Hospital. She is a clinical investigator and practised at Hochzirl and Natters State Hospitals. She also taught at the Zams School of Nursing in Tyrol.

Dr Sonja Schottkowsky

Mayr Physician

Dr Schottkowsky completed her training in general medicine at the Medical University of Innsbruck. She has worked as a locum GP in various surgeries for many years, and leads health education at five secondary schools in Tyrol. Even during her studies, she showed an interest in herbal medicine and has integrated phytotherapy into her medical practice. Dr Schottkowsky found that Modern Mayr Medicine, and its emphasis on fasting and nutrition, sat perfectly in line with her idea of a balanced and holistic lifestyle. She likes to share this with her patients at Park Igls.


Thomas Blasbichler (MA)

Clinical and Health Psychologist, Coach

Thomas Blasbichler is a clinical and health psychologist who has specialised in preventative and stabilisation of mental health disorders. He is also a qualified sports psychologist and focuses primarily on dealing with injury (mental processing procedures and coping strategies), dealing with stress and anxiety (stress processing mechanisms) and motivation. Thomas Blasbichler combines psychological counselling and treatment with relaxation exercises such as Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation technique.

Dr Melanie Robertson

Clinical, Neuro and Health Psychologist

Melanie Robertson is a specialist in stress prevention and acute anxiety and crisis intervention. She is also a sports and emergency psychologist, and has trained as a hypnotherapist and psychocardiologist. Additional focal points: dealing with illness and chronic pain, sleep coaching, motivating healthy change, neuropsychological diagnosis with subsequent planning and execution of therapeutic interventions. She applies resource-activating, relieving measures and applies elements of behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy. She is currently writing a dissertation on sleep and cognition.

Medical consultants

Dr Stefan Hiehs

Dr Hiehs is a radiologist and works as a consultant at the St Vinzenz Hospital in Zams, specialising in the fields of neuroradiology and breast diagnostics. Dr Hiehs is a member of OERG (Austrian Society of Radiology), ESR (European Society of Radiology), EUSOBI (European Society of Breast Imaging) and ESNR (European Society of Neuroadiology). He performs all ultrasound diagnostic examinations at Park Igls.

Prof Gerhard Luef

Professor Gerhard Luef is a neurologist and psychiatrist. He is a senior neurology consultant and leads the epileptology working group at the University Hospital. In addition to his scientific interests, he has extensive experience of treating inpatients and outpatients suffering from spinal pain, migraines and other forms of headaches, memory disorders, Parkinson’s disease and strokes. At Park Igls he offers clinical neurological diagnostics as well as consultations for neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Dr Edgar Raschenberger

Dr Edgar Raschenberger is a specialist in general surgery and vascular surgery in private practice at a private clinic in Innsbruck. He specialises in diseases of the veins with a focus on minimally invasive varicose vein surgery. Diagnosis can be performed at Park Igls Mayr clinic, and treatment takes place at his private clinic.

Dr Norbert Schauer

Dr Norbert Schauer is a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology. After many years at Innsbruck University Hospital, he now runs his own practice in Innsbruck. At Park Igls, he oversees all heart-related investigations, which he conducts with the help of ECGs, echocardiograms and stress tests.

Dr Jörg Duftner

Dr Jörg Duftner is a pulmonologist and sleep diagnostician. He works as an in-patient physician at a private clinic (Privatklinik Hochrum) and runs his own practice in Innsbruck. Dr Duftner is a pioneer in the field of sleep medicine with decades of experience.

Asst Prof Franz Aigner

Assistant Professor Franz Aigner was a senior general and transplant surgeon at the University Hospital for Surgery, and ran a private practice in Innsbruck. He runs the outpatient department for surgical endoscopy (diagnostics and therapy), and in 1990 introduced ‘minimally invasive surgery’ to Innsbruck. Prof Aigner also heads the working group for obesity surgery in Innsbruck.

Dr Dieter Lungenschmid

Dr Dieter Lungenschmid is a radiologist. His diagnostic specialisms include digital X-rays, digital mammographies, sonography, CT and MRI scanning. Examinations are conducted at his private practice in the MEDICENT Medical Centre in Innsbruck.

Dr Andreas Oberhauser

Dr Andreas Oberhauser runs a digital X-ray and MRI diagnostic centre in Innsbruck where all examinations are conducted. His services include digital radiography, digital mammography, CT scans, ultrasound scans and magnetic resonance imaging.

Dr Germar-Michael Pinggera

Dr Germar-Michael Pinggera is a senior physician at the Urology Department of Innsbruck University Hospital. In addition to his work as a general urologist, Dr Pinggera heads the University Hospital’s working group for andrology and infertility as well as the special clinic for reconstructive urethral surgery. As a certified Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM), he can take into consideration specific aspects of sex therapy. Dr Pinggera has also completed postdoctoral training in forensic medicine (LL.M).

Prof Norbert Sepp

Professor Norbert Sepp was a senior consultant at Innsbruck University Hospital’s Department of Dermatology and Venereology, and has been in charge of Dermatology at the Elisabethinen hospital in Linz since the autumn of 2016. He specialises in immuno-allergological skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other autoimmune diseases. He also focuses on skin tumours, particularly lymphoma and cancers with vascular origin.

Dr Gudrun Zorowka-Wiese

Dr Gudrun Zorowka-Weise is an eye specialist and in charge of ophthalmology at Park Igls. She deals with all forms of eye disease diagnosis and treatment with a focus on prevention. In 1997, after many years working in Germany, she started her own practice in Innsbruck.

Prof Patrick Zorowka

Professor Patrick Zorowka is on the board of the ENT Department and the Director of the Department of Hearing, Voice and Language Disorders at Innsbruck University Hospital. Professor Zorowka conducts the ENT examinations at Park Igls. Additional specialist diagnoses and therapies for complaints including impaired ability to swallow, sleep disorders and reflux problems, as well as differentiated audiological diagnostics are available at Innsbruck University Hospital.

Dr Fabian Petschke

Dr Fabian Petschke is a senior plastic surgeon at Innsbruck University Hospital with his own consulting practice in Innsbruck, just seven minutes from Park Igls. He is also a consulting physician for cosmetic, plastic and hand surgery. He specialises in plasma therapy, thread lifts and soft lifts.