The management: Medical Director Dr Peter R. Gartner - Park Igls

Dr Peter R. Gartner

»Medical Director«

Dr Gartner joined the Park Igls medical team in October 2011 and was appointed Medical Director in early 2012 taking over from Dr Martin Winkler.

After completing his medical studies in Innsbruck and training to be a general practitioner, Dr Gartner specialised in holistic medicine, nutrition, sports medicine and acupuncture. Ever since, he has been a highly successful practitioner of the FX Mayr diagnostic method and therapy.

Dr Gartner is a member of the Vienna International Academy for Holistic Medicine and of the Austrian Society for Certified Acupuncture (OGKA). Until 2011, he was the director of a renowned health resort in Vorarlberg, which also specialises in Mayr Medicine. Sought after as a speaker both in Austria and abroad, he continuously inspires people to take a closer interest in FX Mayr’s health concept and diagnostics.