A plentiful supply of fluids is vital to maintaining good health. Our Modern Mayr treatments are based on the teachings of FX Mayr and focus on thoroughly cleansing the body.

This cleansing – detoxing, de-acidifying and purifying – is mostly conducted via the digestive system. This is because most lifestyle diseases originate in the gut, our immune system’s headquarters.

For optimal detoxification, you should drink around three litres of fluids a day. In addition to our superb tap water, Park Igls Mayr Clinic also offers mineral water and a wide range of alkalising teas that have positive effects on the body. Increased fluid intake and a daily dose of Epsom salts significantly contribute to flushing toxins out of the body and cleansing the digestive tract.

Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck Mayr treatments

This is how it works: making tea the Modern Mayr way

Tea contains a large number of vitamins: B vitamins promote metabolic processes and Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. Here at Park Igls Mayr Clinic, we only use teas with alkalising active ingredients. Acidifying fruit teas are therefore excluded, as are black teas. The latter contain caffeine, which is dehydrating and can cause constipation.

Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck Mayr treatments

Park Igls Mayr Clinic offers over 40 different kinds of tea as part of the Mayr treatment programmes. These are freshly brewed and are available to purchase at our hotel boutique. Our ‘weight loss tea’, devised by Park Igls Mayr Clinic’s Medical Director Dr Gartner, is highly commended. During the colder seasons, we recommend our winter tea with cinnamon.

We employ a special Modern Mayr method for preparing tea. For best effect, allow teas and infusions to brew only briefly and until they take on a pale colour. Use as much tea or herb as you can hold with three fingers, add one litre of hot water, and then allow the tea to brew for no longer than two minutes. Never add sugar or artificial sweeteners!

Epsom salts: an indispensable Mayr component

A properly dosed, regular intake of Epsom salts is an indispensable element of any Mayr programme. The salts are administered in cleansing doses. The sulphate contained in Epsom salt is absorbed by the intestine, which explains its purgative effect. This not only removes the water with which the salt is taken but also all kinds of toxins, whether caused by autointoxication or externally introduced. This method is extremely beneficial during a Mayr programme, particularly in the first days of therapy when a large quantity of toxins is flushed out of the body. The Park Igls Mayr Clinic’s specialists ensure you are attended to throughout your treatment programme and tailor the therapy to your individual needs.

Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck Mayr treatments