The Park Igls Mayr book for a healthy lifestyle

Health is Central


A good read for good health

Hungry for change? Looking for something that’s good for you, and hits the sweet spot too? Doesn’t turn your life upside down, but tweaks it in all the right places? A full helping of valuable information with plenty of entertainment, wit and humour on the side? Page after page?



  • … conveys the joys of great nutrition, exercise, health and taking care of yourself and the environment.

  • … answers key questions about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • … tells you everything you need to know about our Mayr programmes and follow-up care.

  • … imparts medical knowledge, the latest research and helps you understand Modern Mayr Medicine.

  • … dispels diet and exercise myths.

  • … imparts diet wisdom on chewing, food combining and Modern Mayr cuisine – in an engaging and easily digestible way.

  • … offers you practical tips, including delicious recipes and exercise sequences, to promote good health.

  • … is full of down-to-earth advice on integrating fitness into your everyday life, overcoming waning willpower, avoiding yoyo diets, and much more.

Available in both English and German

Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol
Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol

Enjoy your read!

Following the Mayr principle of ‘well chewed is half digested’, the doctors, therapists and experts at Park Igls have published a delectable book which serves up Modern Mayr Medicine, our therapeutic programmes and healthy lifestyle tips in small, enticing portions.

What our readers have to say

‘I liked the fact that Health is Central is not just a recipe book and has many hints and tips that you can forget when you get back home. Just having the book in my kitchen is a constant reminder to eat more mindfully. Its translation is very good and reads well. I’ve been using this as a recipe book but also as guide for the Mayr way of eating and living. I would recommend this book to any one who wants to start a better and healthier way of living.’ JAMES HUNT, FOUNDER OF NGO NANNY BISKUIT

‘My wife and I have been enjoying F X Mayr programmes for several years. Months of back-to-back meetings wipe us out, but after a Mayr programme we’re ready to hit the ground running again. The book, Health is Central, offers a detailed and straightforward description of what Mayr therapies are all about, including what keeps your body going or takes you off track. We have also enjoyed trying some of the recipes from the book. Between visits to Park Igls, you can sometimes hit the wall, but the book is full of useful tips on getting going again. And it’s really well written and illustrated.’ DETLEV MÜLLER, JOURNALIST

Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol

‘What I really like about Health is Central is the fact that it presents Modern Mayr Medicine as an achievement of the whole team and as a holistic approach to health – under the rigorous intellectual leadership of Medical Director, Dr Peter Gartner, of course. Particular mention should be made of the very clever composition of the whole book: scientific texts alternate with photo spreads and recipes. The more challenging content is summarised in clear, short texts. This allows one to read the whole book without getting tired. I read it with pleasure. Reading was also made easier by the flawless language throughout. I also enjoyed the way overzealous approaches to achieving good health are thoroughly and humorously examined, and esoteric teachings are clearly rebuffed in favour of scientific methods and classical medicine. This accomplished work now has a fixed place in my library.’ ALOIS SCHÖPF, AUTHOR

The NEW Mayr Book from the Park Igls health retreat: Health is Central

Your perfect companion for a healthy and active life.