Day program at Park Igls – varied, educational and sustainable

The goal of every stay at Park Igls is to understand and optimise health and an accompanying improvement in quality of life. To make this happen, the team of experts will help you put together your own individual daily program. In addition to your individual appointments, you will be offered a diverse medical exercise and relaxation programme and health psychology lifestyle coaching. In this way, needs can be optimally addressed and a holistic, targeted therapy can be guaranteed. Every Park Igls guest receives their personal stay plan, in which their individual programme points are listed. This personalised plan is available online and can be supplemented with items from the daily programme as desired.

We would like to provide you with a more detailed insight into the day’s programme.

Keep moving

See the day in with a yoga session in the morning, take part in water gymnastics at lunchtime and swing a golf club on the chipping green in the evening. Exercise is good for the body and is offered at Park Igls throughout the day in the form of a varied exercise programme. Choose according to your wishes whether you want to build up new strength with Feldenkrais, Nordic Walking around Igls or also with Indoor Fitness and other offers.

Paar beim Frühstück

Enjoy nature and culture

Varied excursions in and around the neighbouring Alpine city of Innsbruck are regularly on the programme. During a visit to the Landestheater or a hike amidst the imposing Alps, you discover the unique culture and nature.

Your day at Park Igls could look like this

The day in Park Igls...

... starts with drinking bitter water, ideally at 6:45 - this stimulates intestinal function. To wake up and get the body moving, a morning walk in the fresh air or morning gymnastics in our fitness room with panoramic view is offered before breakfast. Afterwards, between 7:15 am and 9:30 am, you can enjoy breakfast according to your own personal nutritional level. Food intake should be as slow and deliberate as possible to promote optimal and comfortable digestion.

In the morning...

... your doctor's appointment and medical treatments such as Kneipp, wraps or massages are on the agenda. This cleanses the organism and activates the self-healing powers. Between 12:00 and 13:30, there is time for a delicious alkaline diet lunch. Don't forget: chew slowly and enjoy!

Depending on the weather and your interests...

... you could spend the afternoon on our chipping green or visit the old town of Innsbruck. For a real energy boost, take a swim in the Park Igls indoor pool, followed by an infusion in the sauna. Enjoy a cup of tea and a good book in our lobby or in the park before dinner.


... will be served in a stylish setting in the restaurant ... between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m, before you join us for a lively exchange at one of our expert presentations. Enjoy the peace and quiet and a restful sleep so that your body can regenerate and you can start the next beneficial Park Igls day.
Paar beim Abendessen