Exfoliating treatments & packs

Full body exfoliation

Body exfoliation rids the skin of dead cells, has a deep cleansing effect and stimulates blood flow. The invigorating effects of algae and plants are combined with natural oils to soften and smooth the skin – the perfect accompaniment to your Mayr treatment.

Thalasso pack

We exfoliate the skin for a thorough cleanse before applying the seaweed wrap, which supplies the skin with precious minerals. The energising deep-cleansing process also promotes blood flow. The treatment concludes with a regenerating and nurturing after-treatment gel.

Nourishing body packs

A special blend of creams tailored to suit your specific requirements is applied to the whole body, before we wrap you in fleece blankets to intensify the detoxification effect. As you relax on our heated lounger, the body’s absorption of nutrients is further improved.

Alpine fir (tense muscles, colds):
The fragrance of fir cone oil relieves colds, muscle strain and nervous tension.

Moisturising treatment (skin):
Evening primrose oil improves circulation, and moisturises even the deeper epidermal layers. The flower’s active ingredients soothe mild eczema and psoriasis. Added grapeseed oil delivers vitamins that are essential to sensitive skin. This treatment should be followed by at least two hours of rest.

Cleopatra pack

This pack is great for dry skin: a mixture of warm mare’s milk, goat’s milk and a base cream, enriched with a selection of oils hydrates and soothes the skin. Please do not plan any other skin treatments for the period immediately after this wrap.

Heat compress (moor)

Unlike traditional mud applications, moor contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic ingredients. This compress is usually applied prior to a massage in the lumbar, chest or neck area, and has a soothing effect on arthritis and chronic joint inflammation. The treatment increases blood flow, which in turn promotes metabolic and cellular activity, as well as strengthening the immune system.

Heat compress (hay flowers)

A hay bag is heated and placed on the area of the gallbladder, liver and gut. The heat, moisture and the flower’s active ingredients increase liver blood flow, and have a detoxifying effect.