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Park Igls exercise concept

Personalised exercise programmes for therapeutic fasting success

‘The secret to good health lies in fresh air and exercise’, said Theodor Fontane. An apt quote for anyone staying at the Park Igls health retreat. On the high plateau in the heart of the Austrian Alps, our guests enjoy crystal clear mountain air and matchless exercise conditions in incredible surroundings! In this environment, your motivation comes from within, with support from the personalised exercise programme tailored to your needs and goals, and developed by our exercise specialists and sports therapists.

Five training principles for balanced body and mind

A consistent, well-designed exercise programme can help us achieve equilibrium in both body and mind. 20 minutes of exercise a day is enough to boost our physical and psychological resources, which is why exercise is integral to Modern Mayr Medicine. The Park Igls health retreat in Tyrol offers a comprehensive and varied range of exercise opportunities: in the panoramic gym, indoor pool, fitness studio, relaxation room, or outside in beautiful surroundings. In addition to your personal training sessions, we have a varied exercise programme based on the five pillars of fitness:

1. Heart and circulation
2. Strength
3. Sensorimotor coordination
4. Flexibility
5. Relaxation

Your personal exercise programme

We tailor your personal exercise programme to your needs, and you will notice your physical fitness improve steadily. Ideally, you begin with a fitness test conducted by a physician who measures ECG, pulse and blood pressure under stress to determine a benchmark against which you can judge your progress. Integrating the right kind of exercise into your day is the perfect way to start enjoying a consistently healthy lifestyle. Our personal trainers can also help improve your fitness and performance.

Exercise and activity programme

Our daily exercise and activity programme kick-starts your day at Park Igls with an outdoor workout, morning exercise class or water aerobics. Or you could choose jogging for beginners, aqua jogging, pelvic floor exercises, stretching, interval walking, cardiovascular exercises both on dry land and in water, Pilates, Nordic walking, an introduction to mountain biking, and much more.

Exercise and mental training modules

The exercise and mental training modules at your Park Igls health retreat are just as individual and cutting-edge as our treatment and diagnostic services.

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