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Mayr clinic for
comprehensive diagnostics

Holistic Modern Mayr Medicine

In recent decades, traditional Mayr diagnostics has grown and evolved, embracing compatible conventional and complementary medical techniques. Today, Mayr diagnostics finds itself at the pinnacle of medical science.

With the help of extensive laboratory testing facilities and the latest diagnostic equipment, the body’s major functional processes are examined, and risk factors identified. Thus, any constitutional abnormalities – for example in the metabolic system – can be detected and treated at an early stage. Deficiencies in the musculoskeletal system are detected by means of thorough functional analysis, and treated with physiotherapy. We use gentle, complementary forms of medicine to treat allergies and food intolerances.

An in-depth initial examination allows us to ascertain your physical condition and any possible risk factors. The examination provides your physician with a thorough and objective snapshot of the state of your health, and enables him or her to interpret your concerns. You and the Mayr physician then discuss which treatment and measures would most benefit you.

Diagnostics from A to Z

Conventional medical diagnostic methods at the Mayr clinic


Medical specialisms
at the Park Igls Mayr clinic

Modern Mayr Medicine

Dr Peter R Gartner
Dr Richard Kogelnig
Dr Peter B Barth
Dr Irene Brunhuber


Prof Gerhard Luef


Thomas Blasbichler (MA)
Melanie Robertson
Prof Christian Schubert


Dr Gudrun Zorowka-Wiese


Prof Patrick Zorowka


Dr Norbert Schauer


Prof Ferdinand Frauscher

Surgical endoscopy

Asst Prof Franz Aigner

Vascular surgery

Dr Edgar Raschenberger


Dr Dieter Lungenschmid
Dr Andreas Oberhauser

Urology, andrology and endocrinology

Prof Germar-Michael Pinggera

Plastic/cosmetic surgery

Dr Fabian Petschke

Diagnostic modules

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