Detox to improve self-healing

Healthy in both body and mind

Detoxifying, cleansing and improving gut function are central to the preventive medical treatment approach developed by FX Mayr. They stop the production of toxins in the gut – the body’s ‘central organ’ – and bring relief to the body’s entire system. Blood, lymphatic fluids and cells are all cleansed and detoxified, and can gently regenerate as a result. The detox process at the Park Igls health retreat in Tyrol is supplemented by the latest scientific findings and complementary healing methods. Holistic intestinal cleansing and stabilising regenerates the gastrointestinal tract, so that wholesome nutrition can be digested and absorbed with all the essential components required for a healthy gut. This improves and regulates bowel movements, eases complaints, improves self-healing and prevents illness, as well as regulating metabolism, blood pressure and weight. In short: healthy, slim and beautiful with a Mayr detox.

The Mayr path to a new lifestyle

Our bodies know what’s good for them; we simply need to learn to listen to them. A stay at the Park Igls Mayr clinic paves the way to a healthy lifestyle for the long term. Our experienced medical team, consultants, medically-trained massage therapists, hydrotherapists, physiotherapists, sports scientists, health and exercise instructors, psychologists, and our collaboration with specialists at Innsbruck University Hospital cover all areas of health care, psychology and prevention. We work with you to create a personal prevention and treatment plan for a sustainable lifestyle change focused on health and wellbeing.

Pave the way to a healthier, lighter future at your Park Igls health retreat in Tyrol!

Manual abdominal treatment: the key to successful Mayr treatment

Every stay at the Park Igls Mayr clinic includes manual abdominal treatment administered by a physician. This provides a basis for – and driving force behind – detoxifying and cleansing the gastrointestinal tract. Mobilising the gut via manual abdominal treatment can unlock the full benefits of the 6 fundamental principles.



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