The Parkhotel Igls cookbook now in English!

Parkhotel Igls cookbook

Healthy eating equals a healthy life. Our head chef Markus Sorg and the medical team continually collaborate on the development and refinement of the Modern Mayr cuisine – representing an integral part of all treatments at Parkhotel Igls. Today’s delicious Modern Mayr cuisine bears no resemblance to the classic milk & bread roll diet of yesteryear – we have evolved! Intelligent gourmet fasting replaces strict denial and latest findings in nutritional science are fused with the art of haute cuisine, resulting in dishes which are light and tasty, yet providing maximal support for our all important detox programme. Now these culinary delights can be recreated at home: in the new English edition of FX Mayr for Gourmets, chef Markus Sorg presents a series of dishes suitable for everyday cooking whilst elevating the diet into an exciting culinary experience. In these recipes he demonstrates how correct nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and delicious meals can go hand in hand. Yet the featured recipes are not complex or elaborate, rather they are tasty options and variations which can easily be prepared at home. All recipes are tested for readily available ingredients and use organically grown produce with selected herbs & spices.

The new English edition of the Mayr for Gourmets cookbook is now available to order from Parkhotel Igls, price €12 excluding p&p