Burnout, fatigue, depression … Stress is at the root of a cacophony of health issues and can easily lead to weight gain, obesity, diabetes and heart attacks. The Mayr De-Stress module at Park Igls gives you the knowledge and power to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

We’ve all been there: full schedule, no time, 24/7 availability, a fast-paced work environment … This soon leads to pressure and high levels of mental and physical stress, unless you have acquired the tools that will help you deal with it. We can do very little about the fact that life is in constant motion. However, we can take steps to help us get to grips with this frantic activity. What can we do to improve the way we manage stress and the constant pressure to perform? How can we slow down our minds whilst at the same time becoming more mentally agile? These are fundamental questions answered with our Mayr De-Stress therapy module.

Park Igls solution to stress
‘Everyone has experienced stress, and there are some people who are deeply stressed. Sadly, very few people ever acquire adequate mechanisms for coping with stress. This is where our treatment methods come into their own. As an active therapy, Modern Mayr Medicine is able to effect great things in this area. Our Mayr De-Stress therapy module combines the latest conventional medical methods with complementary therapies and treatment techniques such as craniosacral therapy. This allows us to achieve positive and sustainable treatment outcomes for those experiencing the effects of excessive levels of stress’, explains Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director at Park Igls.

Improve and maintain your health by taking preventative measures against stress. Dr Peter Gartner, shares with you seven predominant reasons why medically supervised time-out results in longterm improvements for body and mind. Read on!


1. Rest & recovery

Regular rest periods form part of your Mayr time, and should be enjoyed either during or after treatments. Resting is a great way to start the process of reducing stress levels.

2. A stabilised gut

A comprehensibly cleansed and stabilised intestinal environment increases serotonin levels in the gut, and more serotonin means less stress.

3. Discovering the art of chewing

Thorough chewing and insalivation are fundamental aspects of Mayr’s nutritional philosophy. This causes food to be predigested and produces a feeling of satiety while you are still eating – this too is a result of increased serotonin levels. Again, more serotonin means less stress.

4. Exercise

The individually tailored diet levels of Modern Mayr Medicine allow guests to exercise regularly during their stay. We know from sports and exercise medicine that regular exercise has a positive effect on stress reduction.

5. Lifestyle adjustments

A regular daily routine is the basis of any stay at Park Igls. This helps you relearn how to switch off, and frees you from persistent sensory overload. Restoring structure to your day helps you deal with everyday life and make adjustments to your lifestyle – thereby reducing stress triggers.

6. Self-discovery

In addition to cleansing, resting, training, substitution and exercise, Modern Mayr Medicine’s sixth principle, self-discovery, is another vital ingredient for good health. Our self-discovery programme comprises sessions (in small groups or one-to-one) in which you learn to deal with stress and distinguish between healthy (eustress) and unhealthy stress (distress). Eustress is facilitated, and distress forestalled.

7. Additional treatments …

… including massages, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy and infusions have a lasting effect on the indirect consequences of stress such as muscle tension and migraines.


  • Weight control
  • Reduced blood sugar levels
  • Restored acid-base balance in the body
  • Strengthened system
  • Chronic disease control
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