Treating Parkinson’s disease through Neuro@Mayr

Positive results on degenerative nervous system diseases at Park Igls

The latest neuroscientific findings prove what Mayr physicians have long suspected: degenerative nervous system diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, originate in the gut. The new Neuro@Mayr treatment at the Park Igls Mayr clinic tackles these conditions from their source with a combination of tailored treatments – an approach which has positive results in the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

park igls gesundheitszentrum innsbruck tirol oesterreich morbus parkinson entsteht im darm

Professor Gerhard Luef, consulting physician at the Park Igls


Professor Gerhard Luef, neurologist at Innsbruck University Hospital and consulting physician at the Park Igls, explains that the approach aims to rehabilitate the gut. This takes place through a combination of a personal Modern Mayr cuisine diet plan combined with physiotherapy, Feldenkrais®, deep-tissue massage and individual neuropsychological coaching sessions.

Working together, these treatments can lead to long-term improvements in mobility and coordination. The diet plan helps to cleanse and stabilise the gut, coaching sessions teach patients coping strategies to use in everyday life, Feldenkrais® sessions allow new movement patterns to be explored and learned, and deep-tissue massages relax the muscles, enhance mobility and improve sleep.

The Neuro@Mayr programme includes assessment sessions, physiotherapy, training and coaching sessions, three one-to-one Feldenkrais® lessons, three partial body massages, daily Kneipp treatments, exercise classes, use of the swimming pool, sauna and panoramic gym, and a customised Modern Mayr cuisine diet plan.

park igls gesundheitszentrum innsbruck tirol oesterreich morbus parkinson entsteht im darm

Therapy module Neuro@Mayr

  • Initial examination – integrated health check (30 mins)
  • 1 medical examination – manual abdominal treatment (20 mins)
  • Concluding examination (30 mins)
  • Physiotherapy assessment (50 mins)
  • 2 training sessions (25 mins each)
  • 2 talk therapy/coaching sessions (50 mins each)
  • 3 one-to-one Feldenkrais® lessons (50 mins each)
  • 3 partial body massages (25 mins each)
  • Daily Kneipp treatments (leg, arm or seated contrast baths)
  • Personal Modern Mayr cuisine diet plan
  • Mineral water, herbal tea and base broth
  • Group exercise sessions, active and passive anti-stress exercises (relaxation), lifestyle management and mental coaching
  • Lectures & presentations
  • Use of swimming pool, sauna and panoramic gym

Therapy module Neuro@Mayr

€1,980 for 1 week, excluding accommodation.
Price valid from 26 Dec 2017 to 15 Dec 2018

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