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Tackling migraines from their root in the gut

Affecting 10% of the world’s population, migraines are a widespread and painful condition. As well as a pulsating, throbbing or one-sided headache, sufferers experience a range of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to noise and light. Triggers often lie in the diet and include foods rich in histamine (shellfish, strawberries), seratonin (bananas, nuts), tyramine (cheese, red wine, chocolate) or glutamate (flavour enhancers). Migraines can also be set off by the weather, sensory overload, sleep deprivation and stress, and women are three times as likely to suffer from migraines due to their link with female hormones.

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Treating the root cause at the Park Igls

But what causes migraines? Dr Richard Kogelnig, Deputy Medical Director at the Park Igls Mayr Clinic and Medi Spa, explains ‘The latest scientific findings indicate that they are caused by inflammation in the brain linked to irritation of cranial nerves, such as the optical nerve or the vagus nerve. This increases pain sensitivity and causes pain impulses.’ However, the root cause lies elsewhere in the body – in the gut. Studies have shown that migraines are linked to changes in intestinal mucosa, known as leaky gut. This allows toxic substances from the intestine to enter the circulatory system.

So to treat migraines you need to treat the gut. ‘Modern Mayr Medicine offers a natural, organic treatment by improving intestinal flora and function,’ explains Kogelnig. Intestinal cleansing, dietary measures and a change in eating habits repair the function and interaction of intestinal mucosa and eliminate the effects of leaky gut syndrome. The Park Igls Mayr Clinic treats migraine sufferers through a combination of detox, probiotic treatment and acupuncture, which helps to reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines – and can improve many other health issues at the same time.

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