Mental coaching changes lives

It’s no secret that personal victories and defeats are often decided in our minds.

Park Igls Health Retreat Tirol Austria Mayr Clinic Mental Coaching

‘Get out of your comfort zone and start a new life!’ Thomas Blasbichler, our in-house Clinical and Health Psychologist, knows how positive belief systems can change your everyday life. In weekly mental coaching modules at Park Igls, he shows that anything is possible with mental strength, discipline and clearly defined targets.

An instruction manual for life

Mental coaching, as provided by Park Igls, can help you define and achieve your goals, whether you are looking to maintain diet success, overcome challenges at work or follow through on good intentions to exercise.

For example, in the case of excess weight, we need to identify any underlying problems: do you eat when you feel frustrated, stressed, bored or overworked? Or are unprocessed emotions and experiences causing you to slip back into old, unhelpful patterns of behaviour?
Simple methods like visualisation, which you can easily fit into your daily routine, will help you develop mechanisms to better cope with certain situations or stimuli in future.

‘This module also takes an interdisciplinary approach, which means that the Feldenkrais® therapist may provide advice on physical blocks that can help me identify issues more quickly, and tackle them in greater depth,’ explains Blasbichler.