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Lower blood pressure for a longer life

Long-term blood pressure monitoring at the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Austria determines if and when treatment is required to reduce blood pressure.

Park Igls Health Retreat Tyrol Austria Mayr Clinic lower blood pressure

Surplus weight, excessive alcohol consumption, stress and a lack of exercise: if you are subject to any or all of these risk factors, you should make regular blood pressure monitoring part of your routine. The simple reason is that it could save your life. However, we also need to know when high blood pressure actually becomes dangerous and requires treatment. At the Park Igls Mayr clinic, we use a 24-hour blood pressure test to reveal the ‘invisible health risk’.

Blood pressure is considered too high when it repeatedly rises to above 139/89mmHg, at which point we speak of hypertension. Don’t wait for symptoms such as sleep disturbances, breathlessness and headaches to arise in combination with dizziness, throbbing temples and ringing in the ears: the outcome could be fatal. There is a reason why hypertension is known as the ‘silent killer’. People with hypertension are often fit and capable. However, if left undiagnosed, heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure can be the result of hypertension. This explains why doctors are often so quick to prescribe beta blockers. In some cases, however, the medication to lower blood pressure turns out to be a ‘bitter pill to swallow’ as it may not, in fact, be necessary.

In addition to a healthier lifestyle, modern diagnosticians therefore recommend a 24-hour blood pressure test. At the Health Retreat Park Igls, this gold standard is used to detect or exclude white coat hypertension, whereby patients exhibit blood pressure levels above the normal range when in a clinical setting, although readings at home remain entirely normal. It is thought that this phenomenon is caused by anxiety triggered by being at the doctor’s.

As a rule, white-collar hypertension does not require medication. However, the syndrome may develop into chronic hypertension, especially when any of the risk factors mentioned above are present. This is why we recommend regular monitoring.

A 24-hour blood pressure test uses a small digital blood pressure machine which is connected to a cuff around your upper arm. Measurements are taken and recorded several times per hour, and the physician subsequently uses these to conduct a statistical analysis. In this way, the doctor is able either to exclude high blood pressure, or recognise that it stays high at night. The experts at the Park Igls Mayr clinic can then decide whether treatment is necessary and what medication might be advised – a process that can save and extend lives.

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