25 years of
Park Igls Mayr clinic

Over thirty years ago, trauma surgeon Dr Martin Winkler moved from the Ötztal to discover new career challenges in Innsbruck, the region’s capital. He came across FX Mayr medicine by chance and 25 years ago – after sometimes difficult times of training – he founded Modern Mayr Medicine at Park Igls; the start of a wonderful success story, especially for the guests at the Park Igls Mayr clinic.

Park Igls Mayr clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck 25 years

Martin Winkler trained under the ‘heirs’ to FX Mayr, Dr Kojer and Dr Rauch. Both doctors rigorously followed the guidelines issued by the International Society of Mayr Physicians. ‘It was a rocky road, and for the first few months I was only allowed to watch – even though I was a fully qualified and practising medical doctor!’ said Dr Martin Winkler in conversation with Dr Peter Gartner. ‘When Dr Rauch eventually allowed me to take a patient’s blood pressure, it felt like being awarded a knighthood!’

After his training ended, Dr Winkler took the bold step of adapting Mayr Medicine to the times and developing Modern Mayr cuisine in order to adapt diets to suit the individual – which earned him a temporary membership suspension from the International Society of Mayr Physisicans! But over time, Dr Winkler was able to convince his critics with the proven success of Modern Mayr Medicine.

Park Igls Mayr clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck 25 years

The establishment of Modern Mayr cuisine was not Dr Winkler’s only contribution to the evolution of Mayr medicine. In contrast with classic Mayr physicians, Dr Winkler freely cooperated with general practitioners, encouraged guests to exercise during their treatment programme and participate in designing their therapeutic stay. His successor Dr Gartner went on to develop his own approach and introduced several innovations, especially in the expansion of psychological services.

Drs Winkler and Gartner were thus able to extend the four principles of Mayr medicine to the six principles of Modern Mayr Medicine at the Park Igls Mayr clinic:
• Cleansing the system
• Resting the digestive tract
• Learning to chew and eat properly
• Supplementing with vitamins, minerals, alkalis and trace elements
• Exercise based on the latest sports science (new)
• Self-discovery for emotional healing (new)

Park Igls Mayr clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck 25 years

The full conversation between founder of Park Igls Dr Martin Winkler and current medical director Dr Peter Gartner can be read in the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of ParkZeit. Find the new ParkZeit here.