Relax, recharge and revitalise

Settle, relax and harmonise body, mind and spirit with gentle exercises and the powerful energy of your breath – Yoga brings equilibrium and physical wellbeing. The postures and exercises stimulate bloodflow and digestion while at the same time helping the mind come to rest – a perfect complement to Modern Mayr Medicine‘s therapeutic approach.

Yoga is a holistic practice that positively affects the entire human organism as well as exercising the musculoskeletal system. The popularity of Yoga is in part thanks to its beneficial effects on mind and body: strengthening muscles, supporting the spine’s mobility, improving breathing technique, enhancing relaxation, and it has a balancing effect on the mind and emotions.

Enjoy the tantalising symbiosis of Yoga and Modern Mayr Medicine during our summer Yoga weeks.

27 August to 10 September 2017

  • The Basic Programme*, including Yoga group classes
  • 1 one-to-one Yoga classes (50 mins)
  • 5 partial body massages (25 mins each)
  • 1 liver compress with beeswax*

The Basic Programme:

Medical services

  • Initial examination – integrated health check (30 mins)
  • 1 medical examination – manual abdominal treatment (20 mins)
  • Concluding examination (30 mins)

Basic services

  • Daily Kneipp treatments (leg, arm or seated contrast baths)
  • Personal Modern Mayr cuisine diet plan
  • Mineral water, herbal tea and base broth
  • Group exercise sessions, active and passive anti-stress exercises (relaxation), lifestyle management and mental coaching
  • Lectures & presentations
  • Use of swimming pool, sauna and panoramic gym€1,431 for one week, excludes accommodation (from €153 per person per day)